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Dew Bottled Water: All You Need To Know

dew bottled water

Dew Bottled Water: All You Need To Know

Apart from food, clothing and shelter, water remains one of man’s basic necessities. No matter your societal status, or religion, everyone needs to quench their thirst and use water for other purposes. So, why does the thought of drinking bottled water leave Nigerians wary?

The reason isn’t farfetched. An unregistered brand of bottled water with the brand name DEW, which is claimed to have caused the death of 180 people in Nigeria, has found its way into the local market. As a result of this development, The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has advised the public to immediately report any person who sold or sells DEW bottled water.


According to a statement issued by the Chief Executive of the FDB, Dr. Stephen K. Opuni in Accra and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the board did not register any brand of bottled water named DEW. Imported from Tanzania into Nigeria, the DEW bottled water contains a poisonous chemical that has led to the death of 180 people.

dew bottled water

Other Corroborations

1). Email

Subject: Urgent Notice

Dear Colleagues & Friends,

Please don’t buy or drink any bottled water named “DEW”. Customs claims it was shipped into Nigeria from Tanzania where it has claimed the lives of 180 people. It is believed to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions.


The messages claim that there’s an unregistered bottled water with the trade name “DEW” containing poisonous chemicals that has led to the death of 180 people. It is also said that the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) of Ghana also advised people to report sellers of DEW bottled water.

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These messages have been in circulation through various versions, since at least 2011, and spreading like wildfire via emails and social media channels, some of which also claim to have been sent by Dr. Stephen K. Opuni, the Chief Executive of the FDB.

However, the Nigerian National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) later released a statement stating that contrary to previous statements; the DEW bottled water is actually produced in Nigeria, and has been certified by NAFDAC since 2005.  NAFDAC also indicated that there is no information stating that the legally registered bottle water has claimed the life of any Nigerian, not to talk of 180 people.

Additionally, since Nigeria has banned the importation of drinking water from other countries for a very long time, suffice it to say that the information claiming that DEW bottled water was imported from Tanzania is false.  Therefore, NAFDAC claimed the messages are false and mischievous; as there are was no poisonous DEW water circulating in the country.

NAFDAC advised the public to ignore the messages, and also report to the nearest NAFDAC office, any suspected case for appropriate action.

To corroborate NAFDAC’s claims, the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards denied the existence of any bottled water with the trade name DEW that is locally produced in the country. The body indicated that the messages were rumours and should be ignored by the public.

Therefore, if there were actually 180 deaths in Nigeria as a result of drinking the poisonous DEW bottled water as claimed by these messages; the news could have easily found its way into the mainstream media; which of course, didn’t happen. Therefore, the messages are regarded as a hoax. Nigerians and other residents in Africa should be able to drink water, no matter its form without fear or alarm.

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