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Dazzling Rhinestones Customized Aso Oke Set

Aso oke is the number one traditional outfit for yoruba people. It has been in existence for centuries, and even the advent of seemingly better and more appealling fashion fabrics like ankara, lace and gini, have not rendered it obsolete. Aso oke is typically worn on ceremonial occasions. In the past, only the king and his royal family and chiefs, and individuals who were having marriage ceremonies were allowed to wear it. However, hundreds of years down to this present era, things have changed significantly. Today, anybody can own an aso oke dress, irrespective of their social standing; so long as they can afford it.

The fashion sector in Nigeria has so evolved, that contemporary fashion elements are being integrated into ancient fashion fabric and designs, and oh, the combinations looks amazing. For instance, people now wear sneakers and tennis shoes with ankara gowns, and even Iro and Buba. Ten years ago, this would probably have been termed as absurd; but right now, it is the norm!

In the midst of all this integration between ancient and contemporary fashion elements, aso oke is not left out. Aso oke itself has evolved from the traditional monotone, ‘boring’ aso oke to the striped one, which was a bit more appealing. It didn’t stop there: it moved from the striped design to the embellished one. This one had many people caught up with the aso oke fever. Afterwards, the train moved to the two-toned aso oke, which saw a slight dip in patronage of ankara and lace material. Now, the latest trend in town is the dazzling aso oke set, customized with rhinestones and crystals. Well, a new trend just comes up almost every time!

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The dazzling rhinestones aso oke can be described as a unique upgrade of the embellished aso oke. The latter entails adorning specific aso oke fabrics with precious stones, crystals, or even beads, following a specific pattern. Despite the emergence of the dazzling rhinestones trend, the embellished aso oke is still in vogue. The major difference between the embellished aso oke and the dazzling rhinestones aso oke is, basically the quality of the attachments affixed to the aso oke fabric, and the design that is created thereby. Dazzling aso oke style involves the use of costly rhinestones, which are not only expensive but equally beautiful and alluring. Rhinestones shimmer and sparkle when you walk, sit, or do anything wearing it; hence the name, ‘dazzling’. When you emerge from your car or into a hall wearing dazzling rhinestones aso oke, your dress almost looks as if you have little stars fastened to them. Even if you choose to not wear any jewellery, you will still look stunning in the rhinestone aso oke set. Women can have the stones attached to either their Iro, or the Buba, or even the gele. Men, well, maybe not for them – at least for now. There’s no limit to what the next fashion trend may be!

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