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Davido’s Private Jet and Luxury Lifestyle | See Photos


David Adeleke, a.k.a ‘Davido’ is one of Nigeria’s finest musicians. For his music talent and his awesome songs, he has won several awards, both in Nigeria, and on continental and global stages. Every one of his songs has been a major success, and there are surely more to come.

Davido is handsome, talented, wealthy and influential. The ‘Skelewu’ and ‘Aye’ crooner is known for his flamboyant lifestyle, backed by his dad’s billions.

He is also no stranger to controversies. Though he is not married, he has two children, Imade and Hailey, from different women. He allegedly has a record number of at least two ‘baby-mamas’; and his current partner, Chioma, is not even among them. Who knows if she may eventually become his next baby mama?

Well, that’s a story for another day.

Davido is known to have very expensive cars, jewellery, and houses. He allegedly owns a multi-million naira mansion in Lekki, Lagos; amongst a few other choice properties in Nigeria and abroad. However, despite his obvious wealth and that of his rich father at his disposal, is it really possible for Davido to buy himself a private jet?

Cars and expensive houses are quite obtainable; but, is a private jet really a possibility for him?

Most private jet owners in Nigeria are either highly-successful businessmen, or clergymen, or politicians. It has never been heard of, that an ordinary musician became so wealthy, that he purchased a brand new jet worth in excess of $27 million for himself.



Well, it appears that the tides may have changed. In recent times, there have been reports in the media, indicating that Davido’ indeed recently purchased a brand new private jet. This was backed up by photographs of the musician, as he sat and posed on one of the wings of an aircraft for cameramen to take snapshots. Also, in a post on his Twitter handle, the music star said (about the private jet):

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“Air O.B.O landing soon; youngest Nigga with a jet.”

He then added, by saying:

“My baby (the jet) lands in two weeks. Bought already; it’s not soup, it’s hard work and ambition!”

To back up the posts, he put up pictures of himself sitting on the side wing of a small jet. Immediately the pictures went viral, many people who are familiar with the music star promptly sent in their goodwill messages, congratulating him on his latest achievement. Trust Nigerians; even those who did not know him personally, offered well-wishes, and one fan reportedly asked for the date of the ‘jet-warming’ party.

Conversely, while some were celebrating with Davido’, others were busy scrutinizing the authenticity of his claims. This second company of individuals consisted primarily of fans, bloggers, fellow musicians, and a few media firms. They claimed that they had exclusive information about Davido’s net worth and yearly earnings; and that, going by their information and other calculations, it was impossible for Davido’ to purchase a brand new private jet for himself.


Thus, they took it upon themselves to discredit Davido’s testimony.

News of this new development soon filtered through to Davido, and he further gave a classic response to their concerns. Speaking in an interview with a media company, he said: “Lmao all of you! What is mine is Imade’s; and what is my father’s is mine.”

This response not only failed to directly address the situation, but also further added more fuel to the speculations.

The new headline was now a matter of who really had the jet, not just if there was a jet or not; as, from all indications, there truly was a jet. After much investigation, two different accounts of the ownership of the jet have emerged.

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The first account opines that, Davido is not the real owner of the jet. It states that he hired it, and he only posed beside it for photographs. The account also puts the real owner of the jet to be his billionaire father. This proposition is strongly backed up by his claims that “whatever is my father’s is mine.”

Furthermore, in another photograph on Twitter and Instagram, friends and family can be seen gathering around a white jet with Davido and his father in the mix. The caption read: “friends and family praying for Davido’s father’s jet.”

This first account negates the opinion that David bought a personal jet.

On the other hand, the second account of the jet-ownership issue showed that the jet is indeed owned by a group of people, including Davido. So, Davido is part of the ‘shareholders’ of the jet, only that the group uses him as the poster boy for business and economic reasons. This proposition suggested that, Davido only came out to announce his purchase of the jet as a part-owner, not a sole-owner. Besides, the goal of the group was to ensure that, by him displaying and using the jet, Davido would be poised to land more lucrative endorsement deals with top corporations within and outside the country; then, whatever monies accrued from those deals would now be shared amongst all the members of the group.

These are the two theories about Davido’s ownership of the private jet, that have surfaced so far. It is believed that, the truth is not far from either or both of these opinions.

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One thing is certain, and that is this: Davido does not own a private jet. He may be flying around in one, or posing sporadically beside another for photographs, but he does not own a personal private jet.

Even though he does not currently own a jet, who knows if he may eventually own one in the near future? His market value is rising exponentially, and he is gaining popularity in other countries across Africa and Europe. His latest song, ‘Assurance’, which he composed for his latest partner, Chioma, has been downloaded a record number of times online. As a matter of fact, he recently bought her a brand new 45 million naira Porsche car as a birthday present!

Those who keep track of his net worth and assets may have to be constantly updated, as he is currently on the rise.

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