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Chioma Avril Rowland’s Biography, Age and Relationship

One name that has gained rapid popularity amongst Nigerian showbiz enthusiasts is Chioma Avril Rowland. As at three to four years ago, nobody knew who she was, or what her future aspirations were: but now, she is one of the most popular and most talked-about celebrities on social media.



Introduction: Who is Chioma Avril Rowland?

Chioma was born in Imo state on the 1st of April 1995, to the family of the Rowlands. Not much is known about the family, but we know that they are quite well-to-do, and have strong values. At 23 years of age, there is a three-year age difference between herself and her famous 26 years old boyfriend.

She is the current girlfriend of Nigerian music mega star, David Adeleke a.k.a Davido. Davido allegedly has a penchant for ‘baby mamas’ and flings – probably following in the footsteps of music legend Tuface Idibia. Nonetheless, with Chioma, the indices in Davido’s love life appear to have been changed, and it is being mooted that he may have eventually found his soul mate in Chioma.

Early life and Education:

Chioka Avril Rowland grew up in the seventh-day Adventist Church. Her parents were devout seventh day Adventists, and they raised both herself and their other kids in their spiritual culture and practices.

She had good primary and secondary school education, and was eventually admitted to study Economics at Babcock University, Ilisan.

However, in her third year, she decided to drop out of Babcock University. Her parents vehemently opposed her decision, but she went ahead anyways. Sources indicate that her decision to stop school was motivated by her wealthy boyfriend, who is a known billionaire with money to splash on all her needs. He allegedly advised her that education was no longer important, since they are so famous and will have so much money to spend.

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Now, while we cannot condemn her decision to drop school because of love, she really cannot be blamed. It is only a result of the high rate of moral decadence in the society today.

Her Relationship with Davido:

Her Relationship with Davido is not up to two years old, though the pair have been acquainted and even close friends long before they started their relationship.

It was while she was at Babcock University that she crossed paths with Davido. Davido was also a student there. One thing led to another, and their friendship started from there and began blossoming gradually – even all through the period when Davido had two other baby mamas. She was always there for him, and never ceased to support his career.

It could have been that long-term care and affection that captured Davido’s heart.

Even when people began to think that she was another baby mama that Davido was going to ‘use and dump’ like the rest, the 30 Billion Gang boss dispelled such rumours early this year with a series of bold moves that effectively silenced his naysayers. Firstly, he introduced her to his parents and family members as his wife-to-be! Not only that: Davido also regularly posts pictures of both of them together on vacation in exclusive locations around the world on his social media pages. Now, these are things that David never did with any of his former girlfriends and baby mamas; so, could we be in for something long term this time? Or possibly even marriage?

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Only time will tell!

Davido’s love may be true this time. Earlier this year, he wrote a song for her titled ‘Assurance’, and even featured her in the music video. At her birthday earlier this year, he also purchased a brand new Porsche car worth 45 million naira, and presented it to her as a birthday gift. He gave that to her as an assurance of his undying love for her.

Davido did all these, to make it known to her and to all who cared to take notice, that he has indeed found his true love.

At moment, the pair appear to be inseparable, and marriage rumours have already begun to permeate the air. She has also been seen attending his family’s private events alongside him.

One thing is certain: David is clearly in love with this lady, and she is also in love with him. The question now is, how long will their love last?

Side activities:

Even though Chioma is no longer a student, nor is she a full-time wife, she still has other hobbies that she engages in to help keep herself productively engaged. One of them is catering. She is a great cook, and regularly displays her foods on her Instagram page, @thechefchi.

She is very proficient in the preparation of local dishes, and she reportedly takes care of the feeding needs of Davido’s friends and crew members whenever they are together.

Chioma also models for her sister, Jennifer Rowland. Jennifer is a fashion designer, and Chioma regularly showcases her products on her Instagram page.

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Chioma’s Instagram page is filled with lots of pictures and videos indicative of the luxurious lifestyle she lives, largely due to her relationship with her billionaire boyfriend. She regularly dons expensive designer wears and accessories, and she is also often seen alongside Davido inside a private jet.

She loves to court attention, and her status as Davido’s girlfriend affords her lots of it. Since her relationship with him started, her followers on Instagram have increased to over 500,000, and her account has also been verified.

Her man regularly showers her with expensive gifts, and rumours suggest that, even after getting a 45 million naira Porsche as birthday present, a more expensive gift may be on the way for her, courtesy of her boyfriend.

She also recently bagged a mouth-watering endorsement deal with one of the biggest and most popular shopping malls in the city of Abuja, the Dunes Center. She regularly displays some of the products and features available at Dunes Centre on her Instagram page, and she also recently featured in a promotion advert alongside Davido, for the same company.

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