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Davido and Chioma Baby Boy Arrives

Confirmed reports state that nigerian hip-hop superstar, David Adeleke a.k.a Davido has recently welcomed the birth of a bouncing baby boy! In the early hours of Sunday 20th October 2019, the ‘Aye’ crooner announced via his official twitter account that he was in the delivery room with his wife-to-be, Chioma. Hours later, the birth was also confirmed.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the general public witnessed as Davido got engaged to Chioma, in what was a sweet love tale. Many people who knew about their romantic affair had predicted that their relationship would never result into a marriage, given the number of women Davido has dated in the past, who also have children for him. However, the engagement ceremony all but squashed those rumours and insinuations. Perhaps, the megastar finally found true love in an Igbo lady. Kudos to the Igbo women, who are said to ‘know how to keep their men’.

The journey started when Davido met Chioma, who was then a student at Babcock University, Ilisan, Ogun state. He was instantly attracted to her, and, well, which lady will not want to be associated to a wealthy and popular person like Davido? Apparently, the attraction was mutual, and the pair eventually got talking. In no time, their friendship began to blossom. This was sustained over a period of time, until Davido allegedly summoned courage to declare his love interest to her. This, he did, in the grandest of ways. First, he recorded a whole song and dedicated it to her. The song, titled ‘Assurance’, was a declaration of his love for her, and his intentions to take things serious with her. To back up his claims, he purchased a brand new Porsche car worth in excess of 45 million naira! If she was ever in doubt of his claims and desires, this expensive gift silenced everything.

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Davido is no stranger to escapades with women. He has two other baby mamas, Sophia Momodu, a fashion mogul, who bore him an adorable daughter named Aurora Imade Adeleke, his firstborn; and a certain lady named Amanda, who bore him another gorgeous baby girl named Hailey Veronica Adeleke. Sophia Momodu happens to be a niece of Dele Momodu, popular entertainment icon and CEO of the Ovation Magazine. Amanda, on the other hand, is an american lady who he allegedly met while he was on a tour in the US. However, despite already having two children and two wonderful women in his life, Davido decided against settling down with either of them. Perhaps, there was something unique about Chioma that either of Sophia Momodu and Amanda did not possess. Here are three key factors that led to Davido choosing Chioma over either of Sophia and Amanda, nor any other woman in his life.

  • He chose her because she brought stability into his life.

One of the reasons why the O.B.O crooner allegedly chose to settle with Chioma is that she brought peace and stability to his life. According to reports, Davido was growing tired of all the baby mama drama with Sophia in particular, and it was seriously beginning to affect his music career. In Chioma, however, he saw a responsible woman who was willing to take care of him, accept his shortcomings and help him to become a better person. That is why he was able to spend more than 45 million naira on a car gift for her, alongside other gifts.

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  • She is a good cook!

As it is said in Africa and some other parts of the world, “the way to a man’s heart is his belly”. If this adage has any element of truth and effectiveness, then it must be said that Chioma tactfully engaged that principle. She is a known chef, and allegedly runs a side-business as a caterer. However, when herself and Davido started seeing each other, she made it a duty to reciprocate his gifts and attention with regular and sumptuous ‘stomach infrastructure’. According to reports, whenever Davido and his crew were together for a meeting or recording, she always refreshed them with good food, multiple times. This definitely got Davido’s attention, and informed his decision to get engaged to her.

  • He confessed that he wanted a son!

Davido has made no secret of his desire for a male child. He has said this more than once, and this perhaps led to him not taking things serious with either of Amanda and Sophia. In Africa, especially Nigeria, there is a strong preference for male children over females. It is believed that the males should be held in higher regard because they get to continue the family name, and because they are physically stronger than the females. Cultural norms like this have contributed to the now popular Gender Equality Campaign.

Anyways, back to the main point: Davido wants a male child. He loves his daughters, but he craves a son. Now, Chioma has given him one! It is believed that it was the confirmed news of the sex of Chioma’s baby, while she was pregnant, that inspired Davido to begin making arrangements for engagement and marriage to her.

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As for the young lady Chioma, luck has really been kind to her. According to reports, she has been in the United Kingdom for a fairly long time now, most likely receiving antenatal care in the best hospitals in the UK. Davido flew out to be with her in the days leading up to her expected delivery date, and was with her in the labour room when she delivered his first son.

Details about the proposed name of the child are yet unknown, as well as the state of Chioma, the mother. But it is believed that she is in good shape, and that the family of the Adelekes are in joyful mood. Now she has given him what he always wanted; we can expect to see them getting married in the next couple of weeks, or months.

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