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CONVID19: Five Patients of coronavirus cases discharge in Nigeria

As of Monday 30th March, additional five (5) patients who were initially diagnosed with coronavirus disease in Lagos state have now been discharged after rigorous tests and intensive medical attention. According to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), the total number of coronavirus cases discharged has risen to eight (8) in Nigeria.

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As reported by The Nation, discharged patients who were quarantined at an isolation centre in Lagos responded to treatments and are free from the coronavirus. One of the ex-victims of the disease encouraged everyone by saying Nigerians can conquer the virus. In his published statement, he said, “Initially, there were hitches but it later turned out fine. The local health workers did fine; all our key challenges were attended to. I’m a living witness together with my other colleagues.”



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Another coronavirus patient informed journalists issues and concerns they had while at the isolation centre. He said, “I was admitted last Sunday. Initially, there were challenges, the following day, they brought bed, mask and some equipment.” The patient urged the state government to greatly compensate everyone involved in ensuring that their health was taken care of. Also, he said many lives would have wasted without the health workers.

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