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Classy Reception Ideas for Brides to Be

Every young lady’s dream is to have a beautiful wedding ceremony, and a happy marriage. For some reason, it appears that many people place more emphasis on the former than the latter, when in fact, the latter is the more crucial component. Notwithstanding, marriage should be only once in a lifetime – or so it seems – and it’s definitely not a bad thing to go all out to make it a memorable one for years to come.

In west African societies especially Nigeria, the reception is a critical part of the marriage ceremony. This is where the food is served, the couple gets to dance, and the performers get to perform to entertain the guests. In fact, many people do not bother to attend the court or white wedding; they just go straight to the reception!

Classy receptions typically involve a mix of innovation, artistry, entertainment, breath-taking visuals and lightings, with a competent MC/Compere to make the event memorable. More importantly, it costs a lot of money to make a classy reception.

Here are a few ideas and components that can make your wedding reception a memorable one.

Colour code: One of the key elements that makes up a beautiful reception is the colour code. For this reason, it is wise to request guests to come in a touch of a particular colour. It is always appealing to the eye to see a crowd come to celebrate with you, all dressed in shades of your favourite colour.

Nice event center: #Amongst many things, getting a good event center for your reception is key to the success of your reception. You want a classy reception? Then get a place that is spacious, well-decorated, air conditioned, beautiful, and with great lighting and facilities. People like a place that is beautiful, and where they can take pictures and have fun!

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EmCee/Compere/Comedian: What happens during a reception? Typically, somebody does the talking for long periods of time, and if s/he is not skilled at entertaining the audience, there are chances that they will bored and be waiting to leave once the food is served. If you want a classy reception, request the services of a good and popular EmCee or Comedian who can carry the crowd along and keep them lively while the event progresses.

Music/DJ: It’s a good idea for people to listen to good music by a DeeJay or live music at your reception. While the music is being played, the couple can get down to the dance floor, while others can join them or simply busy themselves with their food. Keep your guests turned on with their favourite tracks or musician performing live. That’s how classy receptions are!

Food: In all you do for your reception, please let there be enough food for your guests. No matter how great your reception has been since it started, if there’s a problem with the food, then it can no longer be termed ‘great‘. It is advisable to hire a professional caterer, just to ensure that all your guests ‘cravings are satiated.

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