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10 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

cheapest online shopping sites in nigeria

Gone were those days when the means of buying online for Nigerians was limited to eBay and Amazon, Shopify and a couple of online sales platform. Even after scaling through this hurdle, Nigerians had to wait for shipment which could take weeks or months, or use UK or US shipping addresses.

Fast forward to 2012, Nigerians began to heave a sigh of relief when the likes of Jumia and Konga became established. Nigerian online shopping sites sell a lot of products ranging from phones to computers, perfumes, beauty and makeup accessories, underwear and lingerie, kitchen appliances, home appliances, furniture, electronic gadgets, fashion, books and lots more.

Online shopping in Nigeria is no longer news, as people are beginning to enjoy the safety and security that comes with ecommerce purchase. Apart from enjoying the comfortability that comes with shopping online, price is also an important determinant.

In this article, we will bring you a carefully compiled list of 10 cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria. While you might be having doubts about the quality of their products because they come cheap, these online shopping sites are trusted and at the top of their game. They will surely give you the most secured online shopping experience you could ever have in Nigeria. What are you waiting for? Check them out!

10 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

cheapest online shopping sites in nigeria

1. Jumia Nigeria

Formerly known as Africa Internet Group (AIG), Jumia is an online shopping website for electronics and fashion established in 2102. This online shopping store rank 1st in our list of the cheapest online shopping websites in Nigeria.

Been no newbie in the business of shopping online in Nigeria/and or Africa wholly, they list products like mobile phones, electronics, wines, fashion items and computers which can be bought at a very cheap and affordable rate.

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They also offer discounts and consumers can enjoy free delivery or paid delivery for a token depending on what you purchase on their platform. Jumia’s eMall is also trusted and have a good return policy for damaged goods.

They also conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism which they’ve maintained over the years. What’s more? Jumia considers Customer’s happiness their top priority. The only downside with using Jumia is their inability to deliver goods nationwide like Konga. Deliveries are made to major cities only.

2. Konga

Making the list but ranking second is Konga. Also established in 2012, Konga took the Nigerian online market by storm by making the space attractive and interesting. This makes them the top competitor with Jumia.

Konga sells computers and accessories, electronics, books, home and kitchen appliances at a very cheap and affordable price. They also offer discounts and coupon codes that really work. What makes them unique is their nationwide delivery-which means, no matter your location in Nigeria, Konga’s got you covered.

Their products are world-class and you can be assured that any seller that tries to sell counterfeit items would be tossed out even before they know it.  They also offer excellent support, so is their delivery and after sales services. If you’re looking for an online store that gives customer’s ease of mind, and awesome shopping experience, Konga is your one-stop online store.

3. Mystore Nigeria

Touting itself as Nigeria’s indigenous online retailer, Mystore lists products such as mobile phones, fashion items, electronics and home appliances which can be purchased at affordable prices. Their vision is to create the most impactful digital commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers in Nigeria.

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Perks you enjoy when you shop at Mystore Nigeria include:

  • Broader selection of products
  • Superior buying experience
  • Faster delivery system
  • State of the art customer care
  • Seller partnership
  • Highly experienced buying team

4. Coliseum/Taafoo

Next on the list of ten cheapest online sites in Nigeria is Coliseum. Formerly known as Taafoo, Coliseum offers buyers’ products like computers, mobile phones, fashion items, electronics and appliances at one of the best rates you could find in the country. Its office is located in Oregun, Lagos; and like Konga, they offer nationwide goods delivery.

5. Kaymu

Also located at Lekki in Lagos, Kaymu lists products for sales like computers, jewelries and watches, mobile phones and tablets, sporting goods, health and beauty products, home appliances and vehicles. It’s a robust platform that gives the opportunity for buyers and sellers to meet; which creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Some of the perks you enjoy when you shop/sell on Kaymu are:

  • The opportunity for buyers to meet sellers closest to them
  • The opportunity for sellers to display their products for viewing across Nigeria
  • Display of fairly-used or new products- which allows you to buy depending on your wallet

6. Kara

Coming sixth on the list of ten cheapest online sites in Nigeria is Kara. Located in Lagos, Kara list items for sale such as home appliances, mobile phones, power systems and computers. It also provides nationwide delivery and payments for purchases can be made with debit cards, among other options. Their aim is to deliver reliable cost-effective and touching edge solutions to customers.

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7. RegalBuyer

RegalBuyer Nigeria offers mobile phones, cameras, laptops and household electronics for sale at a very affordable price. Payment can be made for purchases via debit or credit cards. It’s method of delivery is via FEDEX, and you get to enjoy warranty and free shipping when you shop on the platform. They also list updated prices for items listed on their site.

8. Yudala

Launched in August 2015, Yudala is renowned for selling affordable products. Yudala wowed many Nigerians and upstage forerunners- Jumia and Konga, when they launched their black Friday sales  that covered both its online E-store and offline retail shops.

It promised up to 90% OFF discount on selected items. Most notable of its price slash sales was a Lenovo laptop of about 12GB RAM 1TB HDD, Core i7 processor and 15.6 inches sold for less than N90, 000. They are also known for their honesty and fast delivery service.

9. Dealdey

Our list of 10 cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria won’t be complete without including Dealdey.  Having been in the ecommerce business for long, Dealdey is known for selling cheap items and offering amazing deals. They are also known for making customers’ satisfaction their utmost priority.

10. Hellofood

Now known as Jumia Food, this online platform allows customers to order food online from best restaurants near them. Despite its name, the store also offers sales of clothing and computers. Unlike Jumia, the store offers nationwide delivery.

And there you have it, your list of 10 cheapest online shopping sites in Nigeria. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us through the comment box.

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