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How to Get a Job Abroad from Nigeria

The current state of the economy is biting hard on workers at all levels. Companies close faster than new ones are formed and many Nigerians resident outside the country choose to stay in their respective locations, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, rather than come home to join the suffering. There are different kinds […]

UK Visa Requirements for Nigerian Visitors / Tourists

The UK is a popular vacation destination for majority of Nigerians and there are various reasons for this. One of them is the proximity – a direct flight to the UK is usually around six hours. Another reason is the fact that Nigeria is a commonwealth country, therefore we already have established ties with the […]

Giving Birth in USA: Guide for Nigerian Ladies

Giving Birth in USA

Giving birth in USA, or any other place is a thing of joy for every woman. After carrying your baby for 9 months or more, you want to welcome your little one into the world and be finally relieved of looking like a pregnant whale. Giving birth in a foreign land can seem daunting. For […]

Awesome Pictures of Lagos, Nigeria

There are awesome pictures of Lagos, Nigeria all over the web. From jaw-dropping shanties to magnificent picturesque, Lagos indeed has it all. No wonder you hear “Lagos is no man’s land” in every corner of the city. That’s because Eko (the native name for Lagos city) has a place for every class in the society. […]