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Ankara Style for Mature Ladies | 2019 Latest Designs

Ankara designs are very popular all around the world. There are new and fashionable styles for both males and females, and the unique colour and pattern of the Ankara material makes it attractive and applicable for various classes of people. Since the turn of the century, Ankara designs have been constantly featured on fashion shows […]

Latest Ankara Jackets for Today’s Women | 2019 Fashion

There are quite a number of ways by which women show off their class, and one of them is by the way they dress. These days, women do not dress just to cover their bodies or to attend events, but to make statements. Over the years, fashion styles for women have evolved from the primitive-looking, […]

Top 10 Female Fashion Designers in Nigeria

The Nigerian fashion industry is unarguably one of the most outstanding in Africa. The unique fabrics and innovative designs, patterns and styles make for stunning outlooks, for both males and females. Creativity and Innovation are the order of the day. Nigerians love to wear trendy outfits for their various engagements, and an increased tendency towards […]

Latest and Unique Dinner Gowns | Nigerian Celebrities

Dinner gowns are elegant dresses worn by women on special occasions. Even though they are most-suited for evening dinner parties, dates and social events, their use has been expanded to include wedding parties, baby showers, and many other social occasions. These gowns are usually long and/or flowing, and decked with different kinds of accessories and […]

Top 10 Male Fashion Designers in Nigeria | 2019

Fashion is one very critical feature of society. Every community, state or nation has a fashion culture that is peculiar to itself. People love to dress good, and to ensure that they patronize only the best fashion designers that they can afford. The landscape of the fashion industry in Nigeria has undergone subtle changes over […]

Latest Senator Styles and Designs for Men and Couples

Being manly is not just having a big stature or six pacs or a full grown beard, you also want to look good in whatever clothing you are wearing. And as the saying goes, “Dress in the manner you want to be addressed.” And if you want to be addressed as a ‘Boss’, as a […]

Top 10 Fashion Designers in Nigeria 2019

Who remembers a recent Instagram post where a popular Nigerian celebrity talks about being surprised by the fact that Lagosians in general are now looking “fresh and fabulous”. I share this same sentiment because I’ve observed that many Nigerians are now buying into the idea that looking good is good business. And of course, what […]

Latest Ankara styles, Design and Unique Fashion 2019

Happy new year people! 2019 for many, is going to be a year of shining, finessing and personal improvement in many aspects of your individual lives. For the classy ladies, style is just as important as life itself. The way you dress, the way you carry yourself, can determine how far you’ll go in the […]

Nigerian Natural Hair Styles

Natural hair styles are becoming one of the trendiest hairdos in Nigeria, especially among the female folks. Of course, from time immemorial, natural hair styles have been the norm amongst men; however, even women have now begun to embrace the trend. Natural hair styles offer a lot of advantages. Firstly, they are easy to do […]

Rejuvenating your Human Hair Weaves

What does it mean to ‘Rejuvenate’? Rejuvenation can be defined as a way of making someone or something feel or look better, younger, fresher, finer and revitalized. Rejuvenation can also refer to a process of restoring life to a particularly thing, or restoring it to a previous desired state of existence. Human hair weaves are […]