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Category: Business

How to Start Aso Ebi Business in Nigeria

aso ebi business in nigeria

Hardly would you find any Nigerian who doesn’t like to celebrate every single achievement. When you think of planning a party in Nigeria, the first thing that comes to mind is Aso ebi. Aso ebi allows Nigerians to flaunt the Nigerian culture in gorgeous styles and radiant colors. What is Aso ebi? Aso ebi literally […]

20 Home Business Ideas in Nigeria

home business ideas in nigeria

If you’re a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria or you’re currently home due to some other reasons, you might have been thinking of ways to earn some cash without having to leave your home. Well, there are scores of home-made ideas with which you can build a business around and we’ve highlighted 20 of these. 20 […]

Business Schools in Nigeria: The Top 5

business schools in nigeria

Do you want to alter your career path and focus more on the business side of things? Or are you involved in starting a business? Well, there’s no doubt enrolling in a business may have crossed your mind a couple of times but you are yet to decide which business school to choose. There are […]

Cocoa Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

cocoa farming in nigeria

The potentials of cocoa farming in Nigeria should never be underestimated. Before the oil boom, cocoa was one of the country’s main source of foreign exchange.  It was exported to other West African countries and other parts of the world. Following the arrival of oil cocoa farming in Nigeria dwindled as people, and the government, […]

Watermelon Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

watermelon farming in nigeria

Apart from being advocated for people who want to lose weight, watermelon is a treat. It’s mouth-watering, thirst quenching and its perfect for hot days, picnics, parties and other social occasions. In recent years, there’s has been a boom in the demand for watermelons, so watermelon farming in Nigeria is rewarding. Starting a watermelon farm […]

Hydroponics Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Hydroponics Farming in Nigeria

You might be wondering what hydroponics farming means. The birth of hydroponics farming was borne out of finding a medium of using natural resources to make agriculture easy and augment farm produces. Simply put, it is the growing of plants by applying nutrient solutions in water, without the necessary soil composition.  In many areas where […]

Poultry Production in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

poultry production in nigeria

Poultry production in Nigeria is one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria especially when it is managed properly.  With over 160 million citizens who consume poultry products daily, poultry production is a business niche still waiting to be explored. The demand for eggs and meat is so high that the demand far outweighs […]

Cocoa Production in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

cocoa production in nigeria

Long before the oil craze, cocoa production and exportation was one of the country’s sources of revenue generation. It is interesting to note that Nigerian economy as at then was financially stable than what we have now, and there are renewed efforts to boost cocoa production in Nigeria. Popularly known as the wealth seed, cocoa […]

Broiler Production in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

broiler production in nigeria

Before we go into much detail, you must know that broiler production in Nigeria is an extremely risky business with about a 30-40% of failure. Broiler production or poultry farming basically is the rearing of chickens for meat production. The demand for chicken in Nigeria exceeds the supply. No wonder, chicken meat sellers still need […]

Cassava Production in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

cassava production in nigeria

With recession crippling Nigeria’s economy, it is disheartening to see a lot of Nigerians going to their beds on empty stomach. As a result of an increase in food products, Nigeria has recorded an increase in starvation and malnutrition, ultimately leading many people to steal. If cassava production in Nigeria was ubiquitous, this wouldn’t be so. […]

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