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Top 20 business ideas for Nigerian graduates

Nigeria is one of the countries on earth today with a high youth population and a high unemployment rate. Every year, more graduates are ejected into the already-saturated labour market with little or no idea of how to go about life. They are thrust into the deep end and expected to survive by instincts; no […]

Nigerian Banking: Access and Diamond Bank Officially Merge

It is no longer breaking news that two of Nigeria’s biggest new generation banks, Access Bank Nigeria Plc and Diamond Bank of Nigeria are being merged into one. As at 17th December 2018, the merger of both banks had been announced, and the process of consolidating the merger was officially flagged off. It is expected […]

Nigerian Business Tycoon Femi Otedola Sells Controlling Stake in Forte Oil Ltd

Successful businessmen are known for their ability to take calculated risks in their businesses. Many times, their decisions pay off massively, and at other times, they fail woefully. Multibillionaire business mogul, Femi Otedola is definitely no stranger to business risks. Ever since his days at Zenon, and African Petroleum, he showed his impeccable business acumen […]

Zenith Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details

Also referred to as the Apex Bank, Zenith Bank of Nigeria is unarguably one of the best banks in Nigeria at the moment. It is one of the most stable financial institutions in the country, and it also has over five hundred branches in other countries in Africa and other parts of the world. Zenith […]

GTBank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details

GT Bank Nigeria is the most customer-friendly bank in Nigeria. Little wonder, a large percentage of their customers are the young and trendy in the society. Their products and services are readily accessible from a wide range of platforms and devices, and their staff are very friendly. They have invested considerably into their customer care […]

First Bank of Nigeria Customer Care Contact Details

 First Bank of Nigeria Place is one of the leading financial institutions in the country. It was founded in the year 1894, and has since then evolved into one of the largest banks in Nigeria and indeed Africa. One of the aspects of banking in which First Bank have blazed a trail is in Customer […]

Nigerian Police Recruitment: All you Need to Know

The Nigerian Police Recruitment exercise should be of interest to many Nigerians who are in need of jobs at the moment. The country’s current economic state is characterized by record-high levels of unemployment and crime; and many entrepreneurs are currently on the wrong end of inconsistent government policies and tax demands. White-collar jobs appear to […]

Top Richest People In The World

This world is full of wealthy people. There are those who have made their wealth by offering solutions to several humanitarian problems, and there are others who lived ahead of their time, providing solutions for both their generation and for posterity. As a result of their invaluable contribution to mankind, they have become very rich. […]

Graduate Salaries Of Nigerian Companies

Nigeria can be categorized as a country where labor is cheap, with minimum wage fixed at a measly N18 000 ($50). However, one might get lucky after the rigors of the education system to get employed in a Federal Government agency or a private firm – these are the companies that pay well (far higher […]

Fortune Careers Limited: All You Need To Know

Fortune Careers Limited: All You Need To Know Located at 192, Ikorodu road, Palm Grove, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria; Fortune Careers Limited provides challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Every career opportunity is tailored to allow a powerful and lasting contribution to the future of our business. At Fortune Careers Limited, they are dedicated to offering […]