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How Much does Wedding Gown Cost in Nigeria?

In preparation for your long time yearned wedding ceremony, you have to know the estimate and cost of all you need for the wedding. From what most couples give utmost importance to is their wedding dress. Especially the bride’s wedding gown How much does a Nigerian Wedding Gown cost? It depends on what you really […]

How Much Does Nigeria Have in Foreign Reserve?

The economy of a country does not depend only on its internal generated revenue but also the amount it has gotten abroad. How much does Nigeria actually have in its foreign reserve? A question many patriotic citizens would want to have an answer to. It is difficult to state with certainty the real value the […]

How Much Does First Bank Nigeria Pay?

From the way people see bank workers looking nice and fresh, they are always curious to know how much they are being paid. First bank Nigeria is one of the banks that pay their staffs most.  Banking sectors generally is one of the highest paying sector in terms of salary. Though there are differences in […]

How Much Does Etisalat Nigeria Pay?

Everybody wants to work with nice a telecommunication company like Etisalat Nigeria. But the question is how much does the company pay its workers? There are many figures over the web showing how much these telecommunication companies pay their staffs. But the truth of the matter is that their salary varies. It is difficult to […]

How Much Does a Nigerian Professor earn?

“No profession is better than being in the academic system”, say some critics. We would know how true this is from the breakdown of how much Nigerian lecturers earn. From lecturer 2 to professor level. Salary of Nigerian Lecturers Lecturer II [1,649,509- 1,979,640 naira per annum] Lecturer I [2,079,996- 2,684,010 naira per annum] Senior Lecturer […]

How Much Does Nigerian Army Earn?

The first thing Nigerians ask about any job of interest is the salary structure of such job. Now you’ve wished to know how much a Nigerian soldier earns. You are now on the right page to find out such. Here is just it. The Nigerian Army Salary Structure General– N1.5 million Lt. General– N1 million […]

How Much is iPhone 7 in Nigeria?

how much is iphone 7 in nigeria

The price of iPhone 7 in Nigeria is presently ranging between N345,000 and N425,000. The fluctuating price of the September-born smartphone is not unconnected to the unstable Dollar exchange rate in the country, while the wide gap in the price range of iPhone 7 will be explained below. By now, everyone knows that the price […]

How Much Does Chevron Pay?

Chevron Nigeria is one of the leading oil company in Nigeria. It is an American multinational energy corporation head quartered in San Roman, Califonia, United state. The company operates in different levels of oil and gas. In fact one of the company’s largest exploration and production operation is located here in Nigeria making it part […]

How Much Does Nigerian International Passport Cost?

An International passport is one of the necessary things you must have to travel abroad. So, in preparation for your tour/ journey, it is pertinent to know how much it will cost you to get one. Lucky for you, you are just on the right page to get the correct info. The passport is of […]

How Much Does Nigerian President Earn?

From what many Nigerians do wish to know is how much their president earn as basic salary and how much he receives as allowances. Arguments do arise about what the exact amount is. Here is just the breakdown of his earnings According to the revenue mobilization allocation and fiscal commission, RMAFC empowered by section 32d of […]

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