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Nigerian Ladies and Women | Signs, Symptoms and Stages of Pregnancy

Every hopeful mother must go through the stages of pregnancy. A normal pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks and is grouped into three stages (trimesters) namely; the first trimester, the second trimester and the third trimester. Each stage of pregnancy comes with its signs and symptoms and has a time limit to it. We will […]

Can Atiku Unseat President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 election?

Nigeria’s political landscape is characteristically characterized by a power tussle between two major political parties, the PDP and the APC. Incumbent president, Muhammadu Buhari is a member of the APC, and he came into power by defeating President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP in the 2015 elections. Before the APC recorded that victory, many in […]

Beetroot in Nigeria: How and Where to Get It

beetroot in nigeria

Beetroot in Nigeria: How and Where to Get It The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant, usually known in North America as the beet, also table beet, garden beet, red beet, or golden beet. It is one of several of the cultivated varieties of Beta vulgaris grown for their edible taproots and […]

Kaduna State Scholarship Board: How to be A Beneficiary

kaduna state scholarship

Kaduna State Scholarship Board: How to be A Beneficiary To register with the Kaduna State Scholarship Board, Fill in your data, print out the completed registration form and take the printout to the scholarship board for bio-metric capture and get your cheque within two weeks. Apply Here. More information about Kaduna State and the scholarship […]

Dew Bottled Water: All You Need To Know

dew bottled water

Dew Bottled Water: All You Need To Know Apart from food, clothing and shelter, water remains one of man’s basic necessities. No matter your societal status, or religion, everyone needs to quench their thirst and use water for other purposes. So, why does the thought of drinking bottled water leave Nigerians wary? The reason isn’t […]

How Many Ethnic Groups are in Nigeria? (See List)

ethnic groups in nigeria

Every Nigerian knows the three major ethnic groups in the country but there are actuallly over 250 ethnic groups in the country. The Hausas are the biggest ethnic group in Nigeria with approximately 25% of the Nigerian population. The Yoruba group follows closely with approximately 21%. Additionally, the Ijaws are another major group with a […]

How much does BAT Nigeria pay?

You really wish to know about how much BAT Nigeria pay? This page could be of great help. British American Tobacco plc is a British multinational company having its headquarter in London, United Kingdom. It has a market-leading position in over 50 countries and operations in around 180 countries The company have been presence in […]

How Much does Nigeria Spend on Education?

The only way to check how much Nigeria spend on Education is from the annual budget. In 2016, the federal and state governments claimed to have spent 8.44 percent of the total budget of 12.2 trillion naira on education, making 1.03 trillion naira. For more break down of how the money was expected to be […]

How Much does a Nigerian Governor Earn?

At the present day Nigeria, governors’ salaries have reduced compared to what past Nigerian governors earned. This is due to the new policies adopted by the presidency to manage funds. The new policy does not only affect the governors but other high stake holders in the civil service. A Nigerian Governor’s basic salary is now […]

How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost in Nigeria?

A modern necessity of household is a well-functioning washing machine. It eases the washing of clothes for wives, maids and house girls. Buying a washing machine now in Nigeria could be a little bit tedious due to the present economic situation. With that, we need to know how much a washing machine cost at the […]