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Cardi B performs in Nigeria and Ghana for 1.8 billion Naira

It is not unusual to hear that Nigerian artists do shows outside the country, particularly in advanced countries. However, to get an American artist like Cardi B to perform in African is rear. Without having to say much, one would conclude that getting a superstar performer like Cardi B, must come at a huge price. She has been in Nigeria for some days now and she caught Nigerian’s attention with the video she twerks whilst playing popular Davido’s song titled ‘Fall’ nine months ago. Because the video went viral before her arrival in Nigeria, her fans were expectant. Her sponsors almost broke the bank to get her performing in Nigeria and Ghana.

According to trustworthy sources, the undeniable star’s trip to both countries costs approximately 5 million dollars which is about 1.8 billion Naira. The cost was divided equally between the two giant African countries. The cost includes performance fees, production fees, accommodation bills, securities and the private jet that was hired and not excluding other unforeseen circumstances. The cost of performing in Nigeria only ranges from 800,000 to 1.2 million dollars and the same amount for Ghana’s concert.

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