Broiler Production in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

broiler production in nigeria

Before we go into much detail, you must know that broiler production in Nigeria is an extremely risky business with about a 30-40% of failure.

Broiler production or poultry farming basically is the rearing of chickens for meat production.

The demand for chicken in Nigeria exceeds the supply. No wonder, chicken meat sellers still need to import chickens from other countries to supplement the shortage in supply. Therefore, if you are thinking of venturing in broiler production in Nigeria, you can be sure that customers will throng in to buy your chickens.

broiler production in nigeria

Also, unlike snails, chickens become fully matured after about 24 weeks. Thus, if you like, you can rear two sets of chickens annually.

Nothing good or profitable comes easy without experiencing challenges. As said earlier, broiler production in Nigeria is a very risky business.

Challenges Facing Broiler Production in Nigeria

Some challenges you might face when venturing into this kind of business includes:

Huge Investment

Unlike some agribusiness ventures such as snail farming that can be started with very little capital, broiler productions takes a large chunk of investment. To start a broiler farm, you need to acquire a land far from residential areas because of smell that emits from chicken droppings.

You also need capital to equip the farm and set up the structures. One rule of the business in broiler production is the higher the investment, the higher the profit.

Hence, you need to make sure that you have enough capital before venturing into broiler production in Nigeria.

High Costs of Poultry Feeds and Vaccines

Poultry feeds are expensive and since broilers eat a lot, you will need to stock the farm adequately. To save a bit of cost, make sure you ration the feeds and buy your feeds from reputed feed stores. Also, the vaccines administered to the birds are equally expensive.

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Thus, if you enter into broiler production without a strong financial base, you might not be able to afford these vaccines when the occasion calls.

Disease Outbreak

The spread rate of diseases among chickens is very high. Hence, ensure you maintain proper hygiene and disinfect the farm regularly. Also, make sure you de-worm the birds from time to time and don’t grant visitors access to the birds unless for special reasons.

However, this should not scare you. Broiler production in Nigeria still remains a profitable goldmine from which you can reap a lot of profits.

Guides to Broiler Production in Nigeria

Below are basic requirements necessary to start broiler production in Nigeria.

Market Research And a Clear Business Plan

A business without a clearly written business plan can be compared to an airport without a runway. Simply put, it means the business has no sense of direction. Before you can start and run a successful broiler production in Nigeria, you need to formulate a good business plan.

This can only happen when you conduct a thorough market research. A rigorous market research will give you information about likely customers and competitors in the will also arm you with information on where to get the right items (feeds, vaccines, etc.) at an affordable price.

Select A Suitable Land

The desired land you pick must be far from a residential area because of the offensive smell that emits from chicken farms.  It is important to know that broiler production requires a reasonable piece of land, say at least a plot of land.

Additionally, building your chicken farm near target markets is a plus as it will help minimize the cost of transportation.

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Housing System

In poultry production, there are three major housing systems:  free range system, battery cage system and deep litter system. The free range system gives your broilers the freedom to roam and fend for themselves. However, as regards commercial broiler production, this method puts your chickens at risk.

With the battery cage system, cages are constructed using metals. The cages are also modeled to include feeding and water troughs while the bird droppings fall to the floor beneath. However, this system benefits layer production the most (egg production).

The best and widely known system for broiler production in Nigeria is the deep litter system. Here, the broilers are put in a room with a concrete floor carpeted with saw dust or wood shavings. The sawdust or wood shavings cushions the birds and prevents their droppings from sticking to the floor. The sawdust needs to be changed on a regular basis.

Note: Since the birds have the freedom to move freely, there’s the possibility of an outbreak of diseases. However, with proper hygiene and constant vaccination, the chances of a disease outbreak among the birds can be reduced. Also, ensure that your farm is highly secured to ward off thieves and predators.


One of the items that consume a lot of money in broiler production in Nigeria is the feeds. In fact, the feeds constitute about 70 to 80% of operational expenses. To minimize cost, you might decide to produce the feeds yourself, which must be of high quality.

Or you can buy the feed from the market. Whichever method you adopt, please make sure that your broilers are fed with high quality feeds to achieve optimal growth and sound health.

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Since you intend to venture into broiler production in Nigeria, you need to stock your farm with broilers (also known as white leghorn). Broilers grow very fast and weigh a lot more than other chicken breeds. Thus, more weight connotes more money.

Make sure that the broiler chicks you get are gotten from a very reliable farm. This is to avoid problems such as an increase in death rate, stunted growth or disease outbreak.

Poultry Equipment

After setting up your chicken farm, the next step to take is to adequately equip the farm before bringing in the chicks. The basic equipment needed to start broiler production in Nigeria include water troughs, feeding troughs, heat and lighting system, waste disposal system and a source of clean water.

Research and Training

Broiler production in Nigeria doesn’t require much expertise. However, it is recommended that you visit and learn from an existing broiler farm for at least 3 months before you establish yours.

This will give you the opportunity to learn the nitty gritty of the business and avoid some mistakes that most newbies without any form of training make. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. I’m sure you wouldn’t agree less.


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