Braided Cornrow Hairstyle Inspiration for Naija Women

Cornrow is one of the most popular Afro hair styles today. It is also referred to as ‘canerows’ in the Caribbean countries. Cornrow braids are made using the underhand style, and as such, the braids lie quite close to the scalp of the head, exposing the skin in the process. Perhaps this is what makes it appear so beautiful and charming.

One more interesting about the cornrow styles is that they are very durable. With a proper maintenance culture involving constant moisturization of the scalp, one can make cornrow braids and literally ‘carry’ (as it is called) for weeks at a go. Furthermore, you can style your braids into a variety of looks: crazy, naive, adventurous and etcetera.

Here are a few inspirational cornrow braid styles:

Big Braids

Big braids are a good announcer, anytime, any day. They are not only beautiful and special, but they are also easier to make than most other braids. It takes less time to make big braids, compared to the time required for smaller braids. They are also easy to maintain and beautify, as simple everyday accessories like beads, ribbons and even chains can be used to enhance its look.

Natural Hair Cornrow Braids

It is often said that cornrow braids are best expressed and styled with natural hair. While not every braid style can be done with natural hair, side braided cornrows are actually great for this, as well as Mohawks. Flexibility and dynamism are the underlying advantages you get to benefit from making natural hair cornrow braids.

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Boxer braids

Boxer braids are also sometimes referred to as ‘two cornrow braids’. This style involves the plaiting of two cornrows backwards from the front of the head, aligning at a straight angle at the back. The front features a unique-looking crown braid, which adds beauty to your overall outlook. Boxer braids are great for all hair lengths, but when plaited with extensions they are usually more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Four braids

This is more ‘African’ than the others. It basically features four braids in a straight line from front to back; the only exception being the front end of the braids which converge at the front of the head to connect with other braids. For its visual appeal and ingenuity, this style stands you out from the crowd wherever you find yourself.

Goddess Cornrow

These braids are arguably the thickest version of cornrow braids. They are also easy to make and easy to maintain. The parts near the edge of the head and the raised braids are made neat using hair gel, and the braids are typically made in a straight line from front to the back.

Jumbo Braid

As the name ‘Jumbo’ implies, the braids here are ultra large (compared to even the large cornrows) and help to keep the look neat and tidy. They are great with or without long hair and/or extensions, and they are ideally woven from front to back.


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