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Blings Aso Oke Designs for Yoruba Brides

Think about this: ‘Blings’, with Aso oke?


Never in the history of Yoruba culture has it ever been predicted that the advent of civilization and industrialization would influence the style and application of many Yoruba cultural attires (especially Aso oke) as much as it has today. In fact, one can say for sure that the original inventors of Aso oke will not recognize their invention if they were to see it today, due to the many changes that have been subtly introduced to it to make it more appealing and more applicable to more people.


That’s how much modernism has influenced our culture. And the interesting aspect of all this is that it appears to have even made our traditional dresses more acceptable and applicable to a wider audience.

Blings Aso Oke designs are the revolutionary breed of Aso oke in town at the moment. They are bright and shiny, and they offer you good value for your money. The word ‘blings’ or ‘bling-blings’ is used in reference to the gold and silver jewellery typically rocked by hip-hop stars in their music videos and at events, so it is quite surprising to see bling elements in Aso oke. To clear the air, ‘blings aso oke’ designs does not refer to the use of hip hop ‘bling-blings’ with aso oke, but the incorporation of special stones, crystals and adornments into the fabric and design of Aso oke to give off what I’d call the ‘bling effect’.

The latest blings aso oke designs for yoruba brides are described below:

  1. Sky blue and rose gold aso oke decked with rhinestones and tarkovsky and swarovski
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For the yoruba bride, the skyblue and rose gold Aso oke decked with rhinestones or tarkovsky crystals gives her an angelic aura; classy, elegant and priceless. When her man sees her on this he’d surely reconsider paying more than what was requested from him as dowry!

If you are a dark-skinned bride-to-be, this one is surely for you. Conversely, if you are light in complexion, this also works for you. When you emerge from the shadows on your special day, the twinkling and glittering of the crystals embedded in the fabric of your Aso oke makes you glitter like the stars in the night sky, leaving your man both proud and fulfilled.

  1. Green Aso oke with Swarovski crystals

Aso ebi gang, get in here! Have you tried the sea-green Aso oke combo with swarovski crystals? If not, then look no further; the sea-green aso oke is your gamechanger; especially when decked with swarovski or even tarkovsky crystals. We’re not talking about regular ‘stoning’ with cheap, shiny semi-plastic diamond-like stones: it’s crystals here – Swarovski for that matter!

If you decide to use some other colour for your Aso oke, it’s fine. Just ensure that the bling crystals are embedded!

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