Best, Stunning and trendy asoebibella style

Asoebi is a national traditional emblem. Beyond its definition of a ‘special fabric’ or ‘uniform dress code’, it is gradually becoming a symbol of national significance. These days, even when political parties conduct their election rallies, they make use of aso ebi! This further underscores the importance and the versatility of aso ebi.

When the average Nigerian thinks asoebi, s/he thinks in respect of an occassion, popularly referred to as ‘Owambe’. In Nigeria, there is no end in sight for Owambes. In fact, it is not out of place to say that from now till the world ends, there will always be owambes every weekend, especially in southwestern Nigeria. However, with owambes comes asoebi. They are two inseparable elements that need each other to thrive. Without an Owambe, there will be no need for asoebi and without asoebi, all Owambes fall short of expectation. This gives fashion designers a field day, even as they churn up beautiful styles and designs to suit the fashion cravings of their customers.


Let’s take a sneak peek at the 2019 best and trendy asoebi bella styles that we can also expect to see from now onwards.

Ankara Mermaid Gown

The mermaid gown is a sleek, multi-layered gown that is perfect for all kinds of social events. More importantly, it is quite easy to maintain and it comes in handy during festive seasons. These days, the number of bridesmaids that have switched allegiances to mermaid gowns is steadily rising. However, its use goes beyond traditional aso ebi settings: whether it’s to a social event, or a casual hangout with friends, or a carol night at church, the mermaid gown is one of the best you can rock this season.

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Wrap gowns

Wrap gowns are relatively newer than most other trendy fashion styles, but they have fared impressively amid the intense competition in the fashion industry. Depending on your preferred gown length, you could consolidate your look with a sirt to match, or pant trousers with nice shoes.


Other trendy aso ebi bella styles include:

  1. Cross-sleeve and fringe gown
  2. Corporate blouse, long skirt with long split
  3. Long, bodycon gown with Fringes and Feathers
  4. Bodycon gown with cross-strap
  5. Beautiful Sleeveless Blouse and Long Skirt
  6. V- Neck Gown with puffy Sleeves
  7. Longsleeve, double-sleeved long gown with split (side or back)
  8. Jumpsuit with cute drapes
  9. Low-neck gown with fur sleeves
  10. Simple off-shoulder gown, short layer sleeves
  11. One-hand sleeve gown (half shoulder)
  12. Jumpsuit with cape
  13. Simple ball Gown (sleeved or sleeveless)
  14. Straight Ankara Gown with accessories
  15. Tub Ankara Gown

This list is by no means exhaustive. And one of the most beautiful things about asoebi bella styles is that you have the opportunity to dictate how exactly you want your dress to look like. Like it happens with aso ebi, when you step into the event with your squad, you become the cynosure of all eyes!

With these trendy asoebi bella styles, you can never go wrong!


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