Best, Stunning and Trending Atiku Native style for Guys and Men

Native styles are becoming increasingly popular among guys and men in Nigeria today. Undoubtedly, male fashion has undergone tremendous changes within the past couple of years. Thanks to the innovativeness of fashion designers like Anthony Soares, Mudi Africa, Mai Atafo and many others. 

Male native styles come in various variants. They can also be made using fabrics like Ankara, Gini brocade, aso oke, adire and lace. However, the most popular fabric being used for male native styles in Nigeria today is the Atiku style. Atiku native style comes in different patterns. These include:

Plain Atiku kaftan (with or without embroidery):






This is the trendiest style for men today. It is a simple, long sleeve kaftan, with or without embroidery in front of the dress. Top this up with a cap to match and a nice pair of leather flip-flops, sandals or shoes, and you’re good to go. It works fine for casual purpose and social gatherings.

Kaftan with Agbada:

This is an upgrade to the Atiku kaftan, in that it features an Agbada atop the kaftan. In several communities, the native dress is incomplete without the Agbada. This style is particularly more suited for traditional occasions like weddings and social ceremonies.

The beautiful thing about Atiku native style is that it appeals to both young and old. If you are a young man and you do not have at least one Atiku native dress, your wardrobe is grossly outdated!




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