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10 Best Property Websites in Nigeria

best property websites in nigeria

Everyone wants to rent or buy a house, or lease a land or space; whatever the need might be, the importance of the real estate sector in Nigeria cannot be underestimated. There are times in our lives when we have to consider carefully about choosing the next place to live.

Long gone were those days where we had to walk into real estate offices to get the latest listings about properties in Nigeria. With the advent of the internet, companies are beginning to create solutions that help to meet the needs of their clients without breaking a sweat. The real estate industry in Nigeria isn’t left out too.

They’ve followed suit what their counterparts in other sectors of the Nigerian economy are doing-going the digital way. Are you looking for the next place to move in? Check out these 10 best property websites in Nigeria. Wherever you might be in Nigeria, these top 10 property websites have got you covered.

Best Property Websites in Nigeria

best property websites in nigeria

1. Zoomek

Zoomek Nigeria property Finder ranks first on the list of 10 best property websites in Nigeria. The reason isn’t far-fetched. It’s Nigeria’s premier website for finding property listings. In addition, when you visit the website, you get loads of tutorials on property and real estate markets.

What’s more? You can also browse through the website page, and find verified real estate agents who can assist you in your property search. That way, you don’t get to break a sweat when looking for properties.

2. Lamudi

A part of the Rocket Internet Family of online businesses, Lamudi is your second next stop when looking for best property websites in Nigeria. The goal of the company is to fully arm property buyers with latest real estate information, and bring them in direct contact with agents.

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It’s important to note that Lamudi are not agents. Rather, they are concerned with helping people find their dream home, land commercial property by introducing you to agents, who work directly with the property owners.

3. Nigeria Property Centre

Established by Dilmak Solutions Ventures Limited, strives to be the popular hub for Nigerian property seekers to find information about latest property listings available for buying or renting. Just like Lamudi, they are also not real estate agents.

4. Private Property

This website rank 4th on the list of 10 best property websites in Nigeria. Established October 2011, the company boasts of serving over 1 million visitors monthly, with over 120,000 listed properties in Nigeria. gives property owners (landlords, estate agents or developers) the opportunity to advertise their properties. With the massive influx of buyers and renters visiting the website, it is definitely a place to check if you are serious about buying properties.

5. Property 24

With an experiencing spanning over 10 years in the Nigerian property industry, it isn’t surprising to find Property 24 among the list of 10 best property websites in Nigeria. Property 24 showcases an impressive array of houses, flats, townhouses, vacant lands and farms from Nigeria’s top-rated listed agents.

This gives buyers and renters the opportunity to browse through a multitude of listings before selecting their pick. offers come with the following perks:

  • The opportunity to search for the dream home you intend to buy or rent, plus price details and property type.
  • Allows buyers to view properties on a map, in order to get its accurate location.
  • Opportunity to browse through large and attractive photo galleries of the properties you’re interested in.
  • Allows you to contact Estate Agents via email, telephone or SMS.
  • Allows you to find estate agents nearest to you.
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Hence, if you are looking for the perfect home in Nigeria, is the best website to visit.

6. Hutbay

Launched formally on May 24th, 2013, Hutbay has woven its magic into the hearts of real estate professionals and buyers in Nigeria. It is an online real estate marketplace whose sole aim is to ensure that sellers, home buyers, mortgage institutions, real estate professionals and renters find and exchange vital tips about homes and real estate in Nigeria.

According to them, buying or renting a home is a critical decision-hence, thus, Hutbay makes it its sole priority to arm you with enough property information. What’s more, the website’s design and layout is simple but elegant, allowing for excellent user experience.

7. Castles Nigeria

This list won’t be complete without mentioning Castles Nigeria. Castles is owned by Realhouse Communications Limited, publishers of “CASTLES”, a real estate magazine and general information magazine you definitely won’t want to miss if you are looking for the crème de la crème of properties in Nigeria.

Published in Lagos, Nigeria- and distributed in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Abuja every Monday, CASTLES is chock-full of tips, editorials, and information you need about the Nigerian real estate market. You also get to see over 6,000 adverts on available properties for lease or sale.  Its online version is from your mobile device, PC or desktop, you get:

  • Comprehensive information on all properties listed
  • Articles and promotions in CASTLES
  • Advertised property listings in the past and immediate editions of CASTLES

8. To Let

Founded in February 2013, is a web-based platform for rentals and sales. Its vision is to restructure Nigeria’s rental market soiled due to trust issues and fraud. The agency has a team of dedicated agents who offer superb user experience, world-class customer service, and inspection personnel who are experts in their field. The website also has a simple but elegant design and layout and allows for a good user experience.

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9. Property Index

If you are looking for one of the best property websites in Nigeria that connects buyers easily with agents, with little or no hassle, Property Index is just what you’re looking for. The website is a broad platform which provides multiple means when looking at adverts. What’s more? It saves Agents costs and simultaneously enriches property seekers with ample information before making that next deal.


Touting itself as the No. 1 destination for lands in Nigeria, is an online marketplace targeting land listings and its associated services. According to its CEO, Godwin Ani, the company was established to make land purchase as easy as possible without going through a stressful process of searching for reliable agents who might stab you in the back when you let your guard down.

Have you bought, rented or leased properties from any of these top property websites in Nigeria? Share with us your experience when using these sites.


  • Don’t waste your time trying to access zoomek’s website from Nigeria except you have a good vpn which i wouldn’t encourage coz’ it’s not worth the hassle. Sad to see To Let go down. The remaining are alright especially Lamudi (Not the name anymore) and Nigeria Property centr, both are good choices. The former being well detailed

  • You guys should receive an award for phote editing.Well,the apartment i checked was really furnished as it was shown on photos,but it turned out that attractive interior and a desired spacious apartment is rather a set of successfully chosen angles.The price,however,doesn`t change when you admit this nigeriaproperrtycentre Good luck in the future,that all i can say.

  • Just go,look for an aprtments/house for rent nigeriapropertycentre in another place that doesn`t suck,seriously.Don`t waste your time working with this clowns.And you better focus on proper service instead of advertising.

  • Theres nothing worse than this apartment rent sirvice.Thats all i`ve go to say,otherwise the comment will be censored or deleted.
    Dont waste your time with nigeriapropertycentre!

  • The photos shown on the website had nothing in common with how the place actually looked!As you may guess,it wasn`t a pleasant surprise.I don`t think Nigeria Property Centre even cares..We informed about the situation a couple of weeks ago,and no any answer yet.I don`t think i would recommend it to anyone.

  • Totally agree with above.
    Here is my simply opinion:
    I and my wife found a dream house here.But this is not a story with the happy ending.We arranged a meeting and refused to sign the other rent agreement that was coming up.Then it turned out that the advert was outdated.So yeah nigeriaProporetyCentre i would recommend it to anyone in future!

  • autor you didn’t do a nice rating with zoomek in this list. Easily accessed in abroad not with nigerian ip like other property websites

  • I know this list is about 1 year old but I think should is a good website to look for properties online because when I was looking for a place recently in Lagos, I was able to find one from that website. The name sound similar to the other website people are condemning above but they are actually different companies I found.

    I think they launched only recently mid 2019 so may not have a lot of properties yet but I was lucky and found the exact thing we were looking for and the website was super easy to use.

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