Best Native Styles for Pregnant Ladies

It can be problematic finding the right native attire to wear as a pregnant lady. Sometimes, you may even spend hours browsing the internet in a bid to find the perfect outfit.

As a matter of fact, you probably found this page as a result of such research. Whatever the case, we’re glad you’re here because we’ve compiled a list of the best native styles for you.

Pencil Skirts

Looking hot even in your pregnant state isn’t a bad thing. One way to pull this off is with your pencil skirt. You can design your ankara or lace fabric as a pencil skirt and you can either wear a top made with any of traditional native fabric or you can complement with your chiffon or cotton top.

Generally, wearing a pencil skirt is usually more comfortable during the early stages of your pregnancy. However, you can still wear it in the later stage but you just might need to design it as a mid length skirt that can accomodate the growing bump along your waistline.

But often times, your growing waistline might just mean that you can’t wear a particular pencil skirts for several months.

Flared Skirts

The flared skirt is another skirt design that you can make with any of the native fabric. This skirt blends perfectly with a variety of tops.

Generally, the flared skirt can be worn at any stage of pregnancy without any form of restraint. However, you may need to allow some space along the waistline to accommodate your growing bump.

If still want to look hot, you can style your skirt as a mini flared skirt. Also, it can be designed as a high waist midi length flare skirt.

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Overall, you can blend your skirt with an ankara or lace top. Or you can wear a top made of cotton or any other fabric.

Ankara skirt and Lace top

You can wear your beautiful ankara skirt with a lace top. The skirt can be designed in any of the unique variations like a flare skirt, maxi skirt, midi skirt or even a pencil skirt.

White or black are the trending colours that you can combine with your ankara fabric.

Generally, combining a skirt with a top has some restraints. You may need to wear a long top as your pregnancy progresses and that might take affect the look of your outfit. But whatever the case, looking good in your beautiful native skirt and blouse is still very much doable.

Over Sized Button Down Shirt

The oversized button down shirt is one of the best designs for pregnant ladies. Whether it is a short or long sleeve shirt, your over sized outfit can help hide your pregnancy if you want to keep it under wraps at the initial stage.

Also, you can choose to wear the shirt with trousers, skinny jeans or thick leggings. Additionally, you can wear a skirt to complement it.

Generally, the over sized button down shirt can be worn alone at home and you can wear any of your choice bottoms when you need to go out.

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