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Best Men’s Native Styles in 2020 (Stunning Images)

Unique fashion is all about remarkable discovery, creativity, and extensive exploration. We undoubtedly discover new ideas then we carefully explore these brilliant ideas by intentionally creating something unique out of them. However, African fashion can be dated back to the early periods of Independence. Recently, the cultural trend in fashion particular native outfits is an adaptation of old styles with the modern addition of new and dramatic ideas. This extraordinary combination of old and new ideas typically brings out the divine essence of African culture and historical heritage.




Every African style creates a cultural impression. African men passionately love to be presented in their native attire at any classical events or ceremonies. The native attire worn by men does not only express their profound admiration for their culture but also makes them feel good about themselves and creates a good impression about them. People would look at them as a responsible fellow and thus respect them particularly when the outfit is complemented with a cap.




The common trend of distinctive styles for men in the past was Buba and Sokoto, which remains so, but different creative ideas. Thus, with our vast knowledge and practical experience in the old-fashion styles for men complementing our new creative ideas, we bring you the best men’s style this incredible year. As you know, we always bring you the best; this selection of men’s style will blow your mind.


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Men Fabrics

Fabrics used to design men‘s fashionable clothes are of different materials. While there are fabrics with low quality, there are some with high quality and relatively high prices. Also, some fabric materials are peculiar to a particular style, while some are suitable for all men‘s elaborate styles. In relatively great detail, we would explore African men’s style to the fabrics suitable for each. This will help you a great deal, to decide which fabrics to use for the style of your choice in our selections.

It is important to note the diversity in African culture, thus, the selection of styles in this insightful article will cut across if not all, but most of these cultures.







This style was hitherto commonly worn by the Yorùbá tribe as well as the Hausa tribe (the Northern part of Nigeria). The charisma in this style has made it popular all over the continent as it is now worn by different tribes in Africa, rich and poor. Agbádá with aso-oke and also lace fabrics was the popular design in the old days. The trending agbádá styles are made with Atiku as well as the senator’s fabrics. Also, aso-oke are still being popularly used to design this style but on occasional cases like weddings (the groom outfit). These beautiful fabrics give your agbádá an extraordinary pleasant outlook as it is made possible to add different designs and embroidery to the elegant outfit. The imaginative creation of this outfit takes time really, but it is worth it in the end.


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This is also a common African style that typically originated from the Hausa tribe. It then penetrated African fashion at large. The style can be sewn with aso-oke, Atiku and senator’s attire. It often has a bold and colourful design at the chest which makes it a unique style. The length of the sleeve attached to the outfit is usually short and free. However, different creative patterns have been incorporated into the innovative design of this outfit which gives it a modern and outstanding outlook.

Isiagu attire




This attire and style are popular among the Igbo tribes. It has different colours with a lion head inscribed on it. The common style of this attire is like a kaftan reaching the knee with a black trouser worn under it. To properly complete this outfit is usually a red cap worn with it.


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This is the most trending style in Africa. This style is popularly known for its sophistication and adaptation of different designs. It is commonly referred to as senator’s attire as it is popularly made with senator’s fabrics, although other fabrics like Atiku and Ankara can as well be used. The length of the top is always long-reaching or beyond the knee and the trousers generally take the shape of a pencil tip.

Conclusively, the best men’s native attires are ones that wonderfully preserve the native culture and yet express creativity in African fashion. Check out more striking images below.


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