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Best Dating Sites in Nigeria

For many out there, it’s a really big issue finding the right partner to build a relationship and probably a future with. The introduction of dating sites and apps to the public fore is a very welcome development in this regard, and it is highly likely that many more Nigerians will be hopping on these dating sites to find Mr and Mrs right. Anyway, we will be profiling some of these sites and dating apps for our readers, to give you guys first-hand information on these dating platforms and how they operate. Without much further ado, let’s get started.

There are many amazing dating sites and dating apps out there for Nigerians to make their pick from, and the first of them is;

1. Badoo

This is no doubt the most popular dating platform in Nigeria. Badoo shows you people that live and work near you. It is a location based app which you can search for people based on location, age and gender. It also allows users to chat with people nearby and rate their photos. One of the special features of Badoo is the “Encounter” feature that lets users swipe through different photos of people and choose yes or no to whether they are fancied or not. If there is a mutual yes between two people, they are then notified by the app and encouraged to start chatting. Badoo has thousands of users in the country, and it was rated by the BBC as the most downloaded app in Nigeria for the year 2015.

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2. Facebook

You must probably be wondering why I added a social network like Facebook to my list of dating sites in Nigeria. However, Facebook is one of the most popular dating tools in Nigeria. You can find a number of pages on Facebook dedicated to dating and hook-ups across Nigeria. For example, Hook Up and Mates is a page on Facebook with about 200,000 likes where you can find a lot of Nigerian Men and Women looking for relationships, hook-ups and other entertaining stuffs like that. Facebook has over 15 million active users in Nigeria and it is actually small when you compare it to the amount of internet users in the country. Anyway, many more Nigerians are joining Facebook on a daily basis, using it to share content, reach friends and of course, find dating partners.

3. LoversPub

This is a relatively new dating site compared to others on the list. LoversPub is user friendly, it is a website with good graphics, and an easy mode of communication by sending messages to other users. You can find dates from across the cities in Nigeria on LoversPub. The website calculates how you match others based on your interest, and what I like most about this site is that it is totally free.

4. Tinder

Tinder is a dating app and it is one of the most established location-based dating apps that is available worldwide. It is a very easy to use app that allows you to swipe right if you like someone and to swipe left if you want to continue searching. Just like Badoo, Tinder will send you notifications if there is a match, and allow you to message the person. Many people may not be familiar with this app, and even the figures for the amount of users isn’t available, but one thing that is absolutely correct is that a lot of people are going on Google, finding tinder and joining Tinder to find a partner. It is available to download for Android and IPhone users but BlackBerry users will be disappointed to find out it doesn’t support the BlackBerry OS.

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5. NAIJing

NAIJing is another dating platform for Nigerians. It offers users the ability to like photos and communicate with other users by messaging. NAIJing was founded in 2014 December but already has about 500,000 downloads on Google play store. The app is no doubt becoming increasingly popular among Nigerians. There is no desktop version of NAIJing available but the app is available for download on Android phones with nothing less than 4.0 OS and above. Unfortunately for IPhone and BlackBerry users, the app isn’t available on these devices. NAIJing used to have some frequent technical issues and susceptibility to hacking and bugs initially, but this is something the management has worked on obviously.

6. Nigerian Christian

This is another dating site in Nigeria where you can go and find a partner. The site is easy to navigate and there are thousands of Nigerians across the cities of Nigeria there already. If you’re looking for a future companion, be strongly advised to give it a try.

7. Nigerian Marriage Connect

This is another dating site in Nigeria with thousands of users. The only slight turnoff about this site is that it is a paid website. It only offers a free subscription for a whole month. The website is user friendly and the graphics is impressive. You have to take care when using this site because there are so many fake stories there.

8. Friendite

Friendite is a popular dating app founded by Emmanuel Okeke, a born and bred Nigerian. The app is mainly targeted at singles in the country. Friendite has tens of thousands of downloads on play store, and a huge following on Facebook. The app is perfect for Nigerians that want an authentic dating experience.

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9. Zoosk

Zooks has a small following in Nigeria compared to the other apps on the list but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is a brilliant dating app. Zooks has an amazing tool called the “behavioural matchmaking engine” which uses an algorithm to match users according to behaviour patterns. It also has a photo verification feature to ensure users are not being deceitful as to their real looks.

There you have it guys, the most highly recommended dating platforms for you to checkout and select the one that suites your taste. If there is anyone you’d have loved to see which isn’t here, let us know in the comments section.

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