Best Colleges of Education in Nigeria (2019)

best colleges of education in nigeria

Nigeria boasts of a number of educational institutes. Among these are colleges of educations. These colleges of education are established specifically to train teachers of primary and secondary school students.

Most of them began to spring up around the time the country gained independence in 1960. At that time education was deemed very important and there was a huge demand for teachers.

There is still a huge demand for teachers nowadays and if anyone intending to get a top Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) should consider these colleges.

best colleges of education in nigeria

Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo

Adeyemi College of Education is arguably the best teachers training institutions in Nigeria. It is located along Ore-Ondo road in Ondo state.

The institution is hugely sought after, receiving a ton of applications widely, as it is seen as the top college of education in the country. Furthermore, the institution is closely linked with the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) as it is a college of the premier university.

The college was established in 1963 and named after Canon M. C. Adeyemi because of his immense contribution towards education in the state.

Adeyemi College of Education has 5 schools – Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Sciences and Vocational and Technical Education – which house 28 different departments.

The institution aims to produce qualified Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) graduates to teach in primary and secondary schools all over the country.

Students of Adeyemi College of Education go through a rigorous training and they stand out tall amidst their peers after graduation. The institution also has an active student union government body.

Federal College of Education, Zaria

The Federal College of Education, Zaria, is another top teachers’ training institute in Nigeria. Located in the ancient city of Kaduna, it was among the four advanced teachers training colleges recommended by the federal ministry of education in 1959. This was to cater to the increasing number of primary and secondary school students in the country.

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The college was formally opened on the 1st of November 1962 but the authorization to start operations was gotten in May 1963. At that time it was regarded as the Northern Secondary Teachers College. It was later on changed to Zaria Teachers’ College before the current appellation.

It receives application for NCE, pre-NCE, professional diploma in education and remedial porgrams.

Niger State College of Education, Minna

This college of education is owned and funded by the Niger state government. It was established as an advanced teacher’s college by the defunct North Western State Government in the 70s’. At this time there was a huge need for secondary and primary school teachers in the state.

The college was cited in Minna in 1975 and in 1983, it was upgraded to a college of Education.

It has six schools- Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Science, Technical Eduation and Vocational Education- which house a total of 32 departments. Upon graduation, students receive awards of Nigeria certificate in Education, Certificate, Diploma and Degree.

Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo

This institution initially took off as the Federal Advanced Teachers College for Special Education, FATC (SE), in May 1977 and is affiliated with the University of Ibadan, UI.

Until the 1993/94 academic session, all teaching and learning activities in the college (including lecturing, setting and marking of examinations, teaching practice and others) were supervised and monitored by the University of Ibadan through the Institute of Education and the Department of Special Education.

The college started awarding NCE certificates after this time.

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Federal College of Education, Kano

Located along Kofar Famfo road in Kano state, the federal college of education, Kano was established in 1961 as the Kano Men’s Training College. In 1965 it moved to its permanent site and is considered a great citadel of learning nowadays.

In 1990 it was taken over by the federal government and its name was changed to the Federal College of Education, Kano.

The college is made up of Schools of Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Sciences, and Vocational Education. It also offers Degree Programmes (B.ed), Continuing Education (Diploma, NCE/DE) as well as part time studies. The degree programs are run in affiliation to the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Federal College of Education, Abeokuta

Another top college of education in Nigeria is the federal college of education in Abeokuta, Ogun state. Established in 1976, it is located in Osiele area of the Ogun state capital.

It offers teaching, research and public service training to bright minds and churns out candidates ready to impart knowledge to primary and secondary school students.

The college provides three-year full time and five-year sandwich courses respectively leading to the Award of the Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE).

College of Education, Warri

This college of education is run and funded by the Delta state government. It was initially established as an Advanced Teachers’ College at Ihogbe, Benin City in October, 1979 by the defunct Bendel State Government.

In August 1980, the government directed that it be moved to Warri. The college currently runs Degree programmes in Education and is offering more courses with time. It also offers pre-NCE programs and you’ll need 4 o’ Level passes to gain admission into one of its programs.

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Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo

The Emmanuel Alayande College of Education is one of the oldest teachers training colleges in Nigeria. It was built by Church Missionary Society in 1896 and at that time was known as St. Andrew’s College.

It was originally established as a Grade II Teachers Training College and over time was upgraded to a college of education.

The college is making waves among other top colleges of education in Nigeria. It has fantastic IT facilities and several infrastructures to cater for its students. At the moment it boasts of a high calibre of graduates.

It awards NCE degrees and currently has 5 schools- Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Languages, Vocational and Technical Education, and Science.

College of Education, Agbor

This institution was established by the defunct Bendel state government in October 1979 and was officially opened in August 1981. It was created to train professional teachers and awards the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE).

In 2006 it became an external campus of the Delta State University, Abraka.  It is made up of 6 schools which contain dozens of departments.

College of Education, Ikere

This educational institution is affiliated with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), although it is located in Ikere, Ekiti state.

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