Best and Most Trendy Igbo Blouses for Traditional Wedding and Occasion 2020

Nigerian traditional marriage ceremonies are unarguably a colourful occasion one can experience in Nigeria. The rich cultural heritage and traditions of each of the tribes in Nigeria come to the fore at every such occasion in the respective localities. This is even more pronounced among the Yorubas and Igbos.








Igbo people are known for beautiful traditional weddings. When the bride is from Igboland, the wedding is celebrated like a national event. The elders of both families meet repeatedly to iron out the fine details about the wedding preparations, and on the day of the traditional ceremony, the bride is decked in every beautiful piece of clothing and jewellery that money can buy. A critical part of the bride’s attire is the blouse. She is typically dressed in a blouse and wrapper, with headgear, and other accessories defined by her traditional customs. The blouse comes in various styles, and she decides her preferred style based on her personality and disposition. 

This post explores the best and most trendy Igbo blouses for traditional marriage. If you are getting married soon and you (as a woman) are from Igboland, this post is for you. Conversely, if you are a man and your bride-to-be is from Igboland, you will find this post useful. Without further ado, here are the trendy Igbo blouses.

Short-sleeve blouse:




The short-sleeve blouse is used for traditional weddings by at least 50% of Igbo brides. This style of blouse is easy to design, easy to wear, comfortable and elegant. Depending on the bride’s preferences, the blouse can have embroidery on some parts of the fabric or otherwise. 

Short sleeve blouses come in a few variants including low neck, high neck, moderate and off-shoulder. The beauty is enhanced when the bride selects a style that complements her physical features, notably her bust and tummy. Most importantly, the colour and pattern of the blouse must complement that of the wrapper. For instance, if the colour of the wrapper is royal blue, the colour of the blouse may be gold, or some other equally beautiful and complementary colour.

Long-sleeve blouse:


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Many Igbo brides also opt for the more sophisticated long-sleeve blouse. It is relatively easy to design. One stand-out feature of this style is the embroidery and precious stones on the neck and sleeves. Long-sleeve blouses are typically decked with beautiful embroidery and crystals which make the bride look all shiny and elegant on her special day. Again, the colour of the blouse must complement the colour of the wrapper being used. 

Sleeveless blouse:


Though not as popular as the short-sleeve and long-sleeve variants, the sleeveless blouse is also a great option for Igbo brides. With a varying neck and backline, brides can slay in this outfit on their special day!


Though not exhaustive, this list captures the trendiest Igbo blouses for traditional marriages. We shall keep you updated on any changes in trends in the days and months to come.



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