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Beautiful Henna Designs for Brides

Have you noticed that, nowadays, there are wedding ceremonies almost every Thursday and Saturday? Could it be that, people now just like to wed for the sake of wedding, or that the tendency to find true love is at an all-time high in this season?

Well, whatever the case, wedding planners are sure having a field day!

If you are conversant with the trending wedding preparations, you’d notice that several elements of the bridal preparations are beginning to gradually defy convention. One sure instance of this phenomenon is in the use of Henna designs by females for weddings. In the past, henna designs were exclusively made and worn by Hausa/Fulani women, and they had specific designs for special occasions. However, the tide may have changed, as people from other tribes and even foreigners have begun to adopt the use of henna designs in their wedding ceremonies.

For those who do not know what Henna designs are, they are those beautiful, artistic drawings made on the hands, arms and legs or feet of women to complement their beauty. They are also referred to by some as laali, and there are various patterns and shapes. While most designs come in colour black, there are also other colours. I’m sure this comes as a shock to many.

This post explores a number of beautiful henna designs for brides. Henna designs come in handy for both engagement/traditional wedding, and even for the court, white or nikkai wedding, as the case may be, depending on the bride’s preferences.

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Here goes:

The Paisley Print

The first on our list of beautiful henna designs is called the Paisley Print. It is an absolute immortal classic, designed in many different and complementary forms. The design outline stretches from the top of the hands having large paisleys, to the fingertips having smaller ones. There are also large paisleys on the palms too, meaning that everywhere is covered.

The Raja and Rani Design

This design is very unique in both outline and appearance. The two names ‘Raja‘ and  ‘Rani‘ are the names of a king and queen that lived and ruled in Asia in ancient times. The design itself incorporates the facial outlines of both Raja and Rani, with a focal point and complementary twirls and curves.

The Floral design

This is about the most popular henna design among non-Hausa/Fulani people. In fact, it is the only design that many of them know exists. The major feature of this design is the flowers artfully painted on the hand, palm and fingers in connecting patterns. Most times, hibiscus flowers are drawn, but other kinds of flowers – especially those with petals are also incorporated into the design.

The peacock design

All over the world, the peacock is renowned for its beautiful feathers and its abundance of them. That beauty and splendour of the peacock is incorporated into the peacock henna design, adding grace, colour and elegance to the bride’s outlook.


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