Bead Designs in Nigeria

Whether you’re looking to buy a beautiful beaded jewelry to complement your outfit or you want to design the jewelry by yourself; finding the right design can be quite hectic.

Particularly, it can be extremely stressful if it’s an important occasion like your traditional wedding.

Well, whatever the case, you need ideas on what to choose and that’s probably why you are on this page.

There are many beautiful DIY bead designs which you’ll find in this article. On the other hand, if you don’t have the luxury of time to make your beaded jewelry yourself, the designs on this page can certainly help you when purchasing.

#1 Daisy Chain Stitch

This is a classic bead design and it’s one of the first designs you probably learnt when you tried stitching together your first set of beads.

With this daisy chain design, you can use any size or type of bead. The principle behind it is to create floral daisy pattern with beads.

Also, the colour you use is quite important as it will help differentiate each flower. Particularly, the bead at the centre should be a different colour from the other beads to give your design a distinct look.

#2 Double Spiral Rope Desing

This bead design is an interesting variation of the single spiral rope stitch. Creating it may be a bit difficult for first timers, but if you’ve done the single rope stitch in the past, then it should be a lot easier.

Usually, the colour used for each stitch should be contrasting in order to make the jewelry look beautiful when adorned.

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The design can be made into bracelets which you can wear with your asoebi attire. As a matter of fact, many brides see this bracelet as their go-to option when selecting accessories for their big day.

#3 Leather Bead Wrap Design

This design is a particularly versatile one due to its simplicity and wide range of application.

Some of the tweaks to this design include changing the colour of the leather or increasing/decreasing the length of the bead chain. In this way, you can control the number of times the bracelet goes round your wrist.

Additionally, you can change the colour or size of the beads in this design. Overall, the leather bead wrap bracelet is particularly a great option for those that like to shake things up every now and then with their accessories.

#4 Hoop Earring with Bead Stitches

If you love beads and you’re looking for a great way to embellish them in your earrings, then you can try out the hoop earring with bead stitches.

It is easy to create as long as you have the right materials. Additionally, you can combine different colours of beads with either your gold or silver earrings.

Also, you can make the earring lightweight by using seed beads. However, it is important you combine your colours well so that your earring looks classy and elegant.

#5 Tile Design

Another beautiful bead design that can be used to make stylish beads is the Tile Design. With this design, the two holed tile beads can be used to either weave a wide bracelet cuff or thinner bracelet.

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The pattern used in making bracelet using the tile design is quite fancy and it is a great way to learn how to design with two holed beads.

#6 Peyote Designs

This is one of the most popular and classy bead designs for earrings. The design is quite versatile and you can use for a variety of bead colours and designs such as the flat circular peyote, spiral peyote, russian leaf and many more.

Additionally, if you love design and can play with colours, you would certainly have endless options when designing peyote earrings.

#7 Bead Loom Cuff Design

The bead loom cuff design is aother interesting style that you can use as an accessory to complement your asoebi attire. It is particularly beautiful if you use crystal bead seeds.

It is particularly useful for creating bracelet and this bead loom design is a really fun way to create bead designs. Also, it is the perfect template to learn loom bead weaving as well.

#8 Spiral Rope Design

The spiral rope design is quite easy to design. Also, it is versatile and can be used to make bracelets and necklace chains.

Basically, it is easy to learn using the 11/0 seed beads. Once you can stitch your bracelet with these beads, then you can improve the versatility of your design. In this case, you can increase the size or shape of the beads in order to create a range of designs.

When stitching, it is important you make your rope taut when incorporating the beads because this enables you create an alluring design.

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#9 Ladder Stitch Layering Design

The ladder stitch layering is an excellent design that is used for making sturdy and slinky bracelets. These bracelets can be embellished with charm dangles to make them look great.

The ladder stitch layering design is similar to loomwork but it’s actually a unique design which you will appreciate when you attempt to create it.

Overall, when stitching this design, it is important you use beads that contrast the spiral rope in order to create a unique design.

#10 Flat Spiral Bead Design

The flat spiral design is another popular bead design and it is quite easy to learn. The highlight of this bead design is the centralized bead or crystal.

The design is often used in making bracelets or necklaces which you can wear as an accessory to complete your aso ebi attire. Also, you can make the jewelry very beautiful by blending beads of different colours. This can be done by contrasting these colours when stitching down the sides or along the centre of the jewelry.

Wrapping up

Beaded jewellery is certainly a major part of the Nigerian culture. And it’s commonly worn in weddings or traditional ceremonies. However, it is important you get your design right when looking to create or buy your beaded jewellery because of the elegance and beauty it often adds to your outfit.

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