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Bayo Ajia: All You Need To Know About Him

Bayo Ajia: All You Need To Know About Him

What happens when the negative impacts of the activities of Nigerian politicians on the youths lead to a degenerated society? You are about to get your answer with this perusal of the life and times of late Bayo Ajia.

Not much was known about the deceased Bayo Ajia until he gained admission to the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin in 1996 to study Public Administration.

Research showed that the late Bayo behaved like a typical student until he joined a dreaded cult group; the Eiye Confraternity; a cult group noted for the many deaths on and off the campus of the Polytechnic. Reputable sources claimed that he was immediately recruited to the elite “hit squad” of the cult group.

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Being a full-blooded Ilorin indigene and of royal descent,  the late Bayo Ajia was of immense significance to the cult group as he paved the way for the recruitment of boys from influential families in Ilorin like himself into the group.

His alleged moniker as a “hit man” earned him notoriety, and groups who crossed him did so at their own peril.  Further information revealed that by the time the late Bayo Ajia left the Kwara State Polytechnic for the University of Ilorin to study Public Administration due to his father’s influence; he had become a kingpin in the Eiye Confraternity.

While at UNILORIN, he was dreaded by all rival cult groups, and it was even a normal occurrence to see undergraduates seeking for his protection. Reliable sources also stated that as at the time the late Ajia was in UNILORIN, the university authorities consulted him whenever any cult related crisis was about to escalate to douse the situation.

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He was reportedly hired in 1999 by the late Gov. Mohammed Lawal and was always a member of the governor’s entourage. As a result of his service(s), he was rewarded with a vehicle and a Hajj trip sponsored by the state government.

In the heat of the 2003 gubernatorial election in Kwara state, trouble broke out at a high society wedding which took place at Yebumot hotel, Ilorin; with dignitaries in attendance, prominent of which was the late Dr Olusola Saraki, which led to the death of two persons.

While the late Bayo Ajia claimed his innocence, he was accused and arrested after it was alleged that the late Dr Olusola Saraki swore that the late Bayo must be executed. He remained untouchable until the late Mohammed Lawal lost the governorship seat to Dr Bukola Saraki.

Immediately afterwards, his case was re-opened, and he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by a Kwara State High Court. Interestingly, the death sentence was not signed by Gov. Saraki; and funnily, the deceased was pardoned and released from Kaduna prison to a hero’s welcome in Ilorin.

Immediately, he started working for the Saraki family (Senator Gbemi Saraki & Gov. Bukola Saraki), but later switched to Dr.Bukola Saraki’s tent after animosity reared its ugly head between the two siblings.

However, what led to his death was his refusal to share appropriately, the proceeds from a job coordinated by the late Bayo Ajia for Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola,  by both Eiye and Aiye Confraternity. This led to the conspiracy that claimed his life.

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Sources revealed that the axe cuts on the late Ajia’s head were symbolic; as the other acronym for the Aiye Confraternity is the ‘Black Axes”. The late Bayo Ajia meant different things to different people: his boys regarded him as a wonderful guy, while his enemies saw him as an adversary. To the Ilorin populace, a section loved and revered him, while some section feared him.

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