Babcock university 300 level accounting students expelled over sex video

Recently, a sex video involving two young people went viral across the internet. Apparently, both the young man and the lady in the video consented to have their affair recorded on video; however, they may not have consented for it to be released on the internet.

Both individuals are former students of popular missionary school, Babcock University, Ilisan, located in Ogun state, Southwestern Nigeria. The university management confirmed this. However, they were also quick to straighten out issues of public interest, especially why students of a supposed ‘missionary university’ would be involved in such acts. In their report, the school management confirmed that indeed the students were students of the university, but that they had been expelled earlier in the year. According to them, the young man was expelled in February 2019 for violating the university’s code of conduct, for engaging in several nefarious activities, and for being a drug addict. On the other hand, the lady was a third year student of Accounting of the University, up until April 2019 when she was equally rusticated for similar reasons.

Speaking about the sex video, the university management stated clearly that the act occurred sometime in April, while the young man was undergoing rehabilitation from addiction at a health facility in Ogun state. The young lady, who happens to be his girlfriend, had visited him in the hospital, where the act took place.

Several Nigerians have reacted to the expulsion of the female student in particular, with some insisting that she had the right to make the kind of sexual choices she deemed fit for herself. However, the management insisted that it has zero-tolerance for such indulgences, and that it was reflective of the high level of moral decadence in society today.

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