Aso Bella best, most trending and fashionable Ankara styles 2020

Ankara has been a significant fabric for slaying since the beginning of 2019. Fashion designers have come up with recent and exciting designs that have helped to expand the use and appeal of the fabric. Presently, Ankara can be used for basically any kind of style that comes to mind! Whether it is corporate wear, traditional wear or casual outfits, Ankara has you covered. 


Show up in a fashionable way!


Elegant style for your occasion.


One of people’s favourite style. It’s unique!


Trendy and stunning Ankara outfit.


From all indications, people are opting for ‘low-cost slaying’, in light of the country’s current economic woes. However, the good news is that with Aso Bella Ankara styles, slaying on a realistic budget is easier to achieve!

Scroll down to view the most trending and fashionable Aso Bella Ankara styles to make your 2020 a glamorous one.

Ankara Jumpsuit


Gorgeous look …


Brilliant style … just for you!


The Ankara Jumpsuit failed to live up to its full potential early in the year 2019. Its reign in the fashion world was limited to short, intermittent episodes, but from all indications, this is set to change in the year 2020. The Ankara jumpsuit is a dynamic masterpiece, suitable for a wide variety of occasions. For those who like Ankara corporate wears, make your jumpsuit either sleeveless or short-sleeved, then don a nice matching blazer and heels to ‘sweeten’ your look. For casual and social purposes, any style of jumpsuit would do, as long as it is well complemented with attractive accessories and footwear. 

Speaking about accessories, the gorgeous thing about Ankara jumpsuits is that one can conveniently rock them with or without accessories. This is because the pattern and style of the Ankara outfit itself are appealing enough to give you that simple and classy look. However, when you indeed choose to ‘accessorize’, a nice neck bead or metallic jewellery would do, with complementary earrings and bracelets. 

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Ankara low-neck gown

 Fashion … our world.


Classic style … Slay queen


Ankara … Next level!


Simple in look but elegant in style

For the records, Ankara gowns are here to stay. The low-neck gown, in particular, is a fans’ favourite, and its dominance in the female fashion sphere is increasing by the day. Little wonder, this gown trended almost all through 2019 and is set to do the same again in 2020. It’s straightforward to recognize why: women presently go for gowns and outfits that enhance their sensuality (in many cases, show a ‘responsible’ proportion of their cleavage.) without breaking the bank; which is exactly what the Ankara low-neck gown affords on a platter of gold!

Off-shoulder styles


Specially chosen for your day …

Mothers to be ain’t left out! We have you in mind.


A style you can rock on a weekday.


Off-shoulder Ankara style on point.


One of the trendiest fashion Aso Bella styles in the year 2019 so far has been the off-shoulder style. It has dominated the fashion industry for months on end, and from all indications, its dominance is set to continue undoubtedly into 2020. Off-shoulder styles are dynamic, elegant and relatively inexpensive to make. Perhaps, that is why at least eight in ten ladies today have at least one off-shoulder dress in their closets. Off-shoulder style can be used to make short or long gowns, depending on the customer’s preferences. Conversely, they are also very handy for making tops for ladies of all shapes and sizes. There is frequently in store for you with the off-shoulder Aso Bella styles in the year 2020.

Ankara Wrap Dresses


Beautiful Ankara design for your bright day


Unique and gorgeous …


I’m not afraid to show it off …


You’ve come to the right place … Fashion with a difference.


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The Ankara wrap dress remains the newest member of the Ankara designs family. Wrap dresses remain a convenient way of dressing nicely and comfortably without the clumsiness of buttons, zippers and elastic bands. Wrap dresses are of diverse styles. The most familiar ones are wrap blouses and wrap skirts. Dexterously, we may soon see wrap gowns and more wrap outfits! Nothing is impossible!

Skirt and blouse


Morden style … You rock!


African queen in Ankara skirt.


Let’s do it … Ankara fashion.

No amount of innovation and development in the fashion industry can phase out the legendary Ankara skirt and blouse. As a matter of fact, the number of styles that can be made from Ankara has increased drastically. For the blouses, we currently have the low-back, low neck, round neck, bareback with chiffon net and a host of other styles. For the skirts, we now have the bodycon skirt, pencil skirt, long flair skirt, long skirt with a high slit, short skirts, and several others. You can have at least two Ankara skirts and appropriate blouse styles for every kind of occasion or function that you must attend! We are on top to see Ankara being subtly emphasized in the corporate world in the year 2020. Watch out!

In that respect, you have it! The best, most trending and fashionable Aso Bella Ankara styles for 2020. Stay tuned to our updates for more details in the months to come.


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More trendy style on Ankara

It’s time for fashion … let’s make it count.


The unique and current style to go for.


Our African celeb in Ankara.

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