Latest Ankara Style and Design 2019

New season, new things, new development, new designs, new dresses. Years back, the best that could be achieved from Ankara cloth is the Iro and Buba. In the latest fashion trend Ankara are sewn with different styles of gowns, tops, and dresses that were known only to be English style.

The fashion industry all over the world is characterized by a constant evolution of trends and designs. What used to be the latest design a few years ago is now stale; and in the same way, it is only a matter of time before what is currently trending is replaced by something newer.

In times past, fashion designers restricted the use of Ankara material to simple blouses and trousers or skirts. Perhaps, they did this out of ignorance, and a lack of understanding of the immense potential of the Ankara material. However, currently, the tide has changed, and there is now absolutely nothing that cannot be done with the Ankara material.

For instance, not many would have envisioned a time when blazers, suits and other corporate wears would be made up of textile material other than the regular ‘suit’ material. But now, suits are not only made from alternative materials, but even Ankara materials are now used to make suits…

And they look stunning!

That just underscores the immense potential of Ankara, as well as the innovativeness of 21st century fashion designers.

So, Ankara styles have gone beyond generic skirts and blouses for women, or shirts and trousers for men. Now, you can use Ankara material for anything, for any design – if only you can envision it.

This post takes us into the latest Ankara styles for clothing. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to take risks with your Ankara materials!

Following the fashion trend since past few years, it is noticed that new styles emerge almost every week either by making some alterations to the existing styles or bringing new ones entirely.

Many factors could have brought about the emergence of a particular style. One of it is when a new set of Ankara pattern comes in vogue or the latest type of tailoring materials attached to Ankara that is available in market. Or, probably a well known artiste or celerity was seen with the style. Regardless of what might have induced a trendy style, once people notice it is ok and beautiful, they go for it.

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Ankara gowns are always super gorgeous when you step out wearing them. They look cute on both slim and fat ladies. Choosing whether a gown should be long or short is a matter of choice, but too short gown can appear to be indecent. When going for long gowns it is advisable not to make it tight fitting to allow free and ease of movement. Slim long gown/skirt do have a wide open mouth styled to cater for the movement. Fitted gowns are most apt when they are short. Most time, people love gowns because of the simplicity an ease of not wearing spitted dress.

Ankara tops with plane pant/trouser or skirt can’t go extinct in the fashion world. Such type of dressing is usually chosen as a dress code of occasions. They can be very cute if sewn nicely but making sure color of the plane attire is contained in the colors on the Ankara dress or complementary color. Tops of these kind doesn’t pass the hips region most times.

Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses.



Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 1 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 2

Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 3 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 4

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Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 6

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Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 8

Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 9 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 10

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Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 29 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 30 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 31

modern Ankara style6 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 31 Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 33 modern Ankara style4

Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses 35

#For the Ladies:

Short Ankara Gowns:

These are one of the trendy Ankara styles. The best part of the whole mix is, they can be made and worn by anyone – irrespective of height, body weight, and skin colour. All that needs to be considered is the colour of the material to be used.

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One variant of this design is made to extend from the shoulders to the knees, after which, a nice pair of heels can be added to give the wearer a dashing look. Another variant of this Ankara gown design makes the gown stop short, resting on the buttocks’ level; and it is complemented with a nice pair of pant trousers and nice footwear to match.

The best part of it is that, any of these combinations serve a wide variety of purposes. They can be worn to work, to school, to church, or to parties.

And they are super comfortable!

If any of these does not satisfy you, you could further fit a sort of cape to your short gown. Let it flow, while you complete the set up with some skinny jeans or pant trousers, depending on your preferences.

Off-shoulder Gowns

Off-shoulder gowns are the latest in town for women. Ankara off-shoulder gowns are, technically, the best way to get noticed in any social gathering. The straps of the gown can either be sewn to naturally fall around the top of the arm, somewhere parallel to the top arch of the cleavage; or they can be made the traditional uptight way – that is, around the neck line, and then dragged down the shoulders to rest on the biceps.

Either ways, the off-shoulder gowns make you appear elegant.

Ankara skirt and blouse

Another trendy style is the Ankara skirt and blouse. You could combine this in such a way as to complement your skin colour. Depending on your preferred colour choices, you could select and wear Ankara skirt and blouse of the same or similar colour and pattern, or you could opt for different/complementary colours and patterns.

Ankara skirt and blouse is a good way to dress smart and classy without breaking the bank, while looking colourful and attractive.

Ankara Jacket

An Ankara Jacket is one grand option for complementing a black sleeveless gown, or that of some other applicable colour. It adds that bright spark to your appearance, leaving people awed at your apt sense of colour combination. It is the perfect alternative to corporate office wears on work days. What more? You could make them long sleeved or short sleeved, and you could also design the length to meet the belly button – monkey jacket style; or to go as far down as the thigh.

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Either way, you never look out of place with the Ankara jacket.

Long Ankara Dresses

This is one other trendy design you could explore with an Ankara material. The best styles feature a long cape that extends from the back of the dress onto the floor, while the front if the dress extends far down below the knees. When worn with a pair of matching heels, it gives women this elegant and classy look.

Gone are the days of traditional Ankara styles. There are lots of other styles and trendy designs that you can explore. Don’t be left out!

#For The Men:

For the men, the latest styles are three-piece Ankara suits and caps. These days, wedding grooms and groomsmen have begun to wear Ankara waist coats and even Ankara blazers as their wedding attire. Such is the level of innovation in the fashion industry today.

Asides Ankara suits and caps for men, there are also ‘senator style’ designs. With Ankara materials, they tend to look all the more classy, depending on the kind of Ankara material that is used. Get yourself a nice Ankara ‘senator style’ outfit, with the tip of the blouse extending as far as the knees, while the torso fits the material like a hand on a glove. Kill off the setup with a pair of pointed sole shoes, and you’re good to go.

With this level of evolution in the fashion industry, it is uncertain what may be in demand, few months or years from now. However, we do know that Ankara materials will be around for a long time, and the more they are available, the more we find out ways to reinvent their use.

Who knows, maybe we may begin to see Ankara underwears and other sorts of garments in the near future?

Ridiculous or not, it may just happen!