Ankara Gown Styles in Nigeria

The Ankara fabric still rocks in 2017, and it’s a fashion favourite among Nigerian ladies. Ankara gown styles have been around for a very long time, but as of latest, the fabric can be transformed from ordinary uses to more fashionable and trendy pieces, including and not limited to various ceremonies including weddings, house warming and burials. The fabric is renowned for its versatility, which makes it quite useful for virtually any kind of designs you want to rock! Yes, the fabric can be incorporated into a wedding gown as a tail, or as a full wedding dress. It all depends on your taste and budget.

A new season often brings with it new things, new development, new designs and new dresses. In the days of yore, the best that could be achieved from Ankara cloth is the traditional Iro and Buba. Presently, the latest fashion trends of the Ankara design are now being sewn into different styles of dresses, dinner gowns, beach wear, prom dresses, tops, skirts and blouses that was formally associated with foreigners.

Ask, or conduct a survey on many Nigerian ladies, and you’d be told that  Ankara gowns gives them a gorgeous and uber chic look that makes people set eyes on them. Wearing these styles would not only give an elegant/sophisticated look but will also boost your confidence while in public, thus, making you have a total control of your gait.

Whether you are at work, at party, hanging out with your friends, or just having fun, it’s possible and very easy to achieve your desired look with Ankara gowns. They are just too superfluous as they miraculously complement your beauty to an extent you can’t imagine or describe. Beautiful Ankara gowns can transform you from a Miss Goody Two Shoes to a Sexy Queen Bey. Yes, they’re that magical!

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It is always not an exaggeration to say Ankara gowns are super gorgeous when you step out wearing them. No matter your shape/size—whether slim or fat ladies; choosing a gown should be long or short. It’s a matter of choice. However, remember that too short gowns can appear indecent. When picking a long gown it is advisable not to make it tight fitting to allow free and ease of movement. Slim long gown/skirt should have a wide open mouth style to aid ease of movement. Most times, people love long gowns because of the simplicity and ease of not wearing splitted dresses.

Oh! One more thing– Short Gown Styles in Nigerian Ankara 2017 is the rave in 2017. With various combinations and colors present in Ankara; its designs could be printed, floral and patch work. As mentioned earlier, your body shape doesn’t matter. It comes in every size. A short gown with simple top and printed lower looks beautiful, and makes you look classy. On the other hand, a printed top and printed lower gives you a glowing look. A deep top and printed red lower achieves a sexy and glamorous look.

The first step to looking good starts when buying the cloth/fabric. Make sure you buy a fabric that will match your intended style. Beware, most Ankara sellers in market will want to stylishly convince you to buy the one they have. Choose only what will be good for you and the intended purpose.

Here are jaw-dropping pictures of latest Ankara gowns styles. You have enough to check in deciding which to go for. We advise you to get a nice Tailor who you are so sure of his professionalism that will sew your chosen style to perfection.

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Going for Ankara gown is never a mistake.


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