2020 Ankara Designs for Wedding Guests

The extraordinary variety of unique Ankara prints has made Ankara a number one fabric in the fashion industry. Its uniqueness in colourful patterns and remarkable flexibility to naturally adapt to different styles can not the overemphasized. It is genuinely loved by many and used by all African fashionistas plus celebrities from other countries of the world, to create exotic and gorgeous designs for any occasion or event.


Weddings in Africa are an important and significant ceremony. Its significance stems from the creative idea that it is done once in a typical lifetime and so has to be beautifully celebrated with lots of merriments and guests. The lovely bride and prospective groom of the glorious day, as well as the noble families and dear friends invited to the grand wedding, naturally want to look good in their best outfit.


However, to look good and captivating at that wedding party you have got to attend doesn’t have to cost much considerable money, time and energy. We must bring you the best of any designs that would make up your big day. This summer season, get comfy in your outfit with our best line-up of unique Ankara designs for the wedding party you’ve got this year.


This gorgeous style designed from a captivating Ankara print is just perfect for you. It is well carved out and will bring out your perfect shape. If your preferred theme for the wedding party is being classy, then you have to go for this distinctive style.

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Ankara is versatile as it can be carefully mixed with other fabrics and yet looks classy. Get your Ankara mixed with silk fabric of matching colour and rock on the next owambe.



How about a gorgeous prom dress? Would you not like to rock on this as well? The loveliness of the colour alone is worth going for.


The weather is quite hot so what’s the best way to stay cool and comfortable other than to slay on short flare gown with spaghetti strap. This doesn’t require a large amount of Ankara fabric, with just 3 yards you can keep rocking.



Maxi dress with front slit is suitable for all age groups and shapes. Even pregnant women can rock on this lovely style.


Classy Ankara jumpsuit style cannot be overlooked. It is comfortable, and it positively reinforces your dazzling beauty. It may seem official, but it is all in one style for all events, be it a wedding, dinner, award-winning ceremony or official settings.

Whichever elegant way you want to wear your Ankara fabric, maybe as complete Ankara or you want to a mixture of Ankara with any other fabrics; we have chosen wisely for you the best of your choice.



Keep in touch with us as we are likely to assuredly bring you more of the best styles for you being a wedding guest.
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