2019 Agbada Style Inspiration for Naija Groomsmen

According to statistics, up to six out of ten young men in southwestern Nigeria either own an Agbada, or are planning to get one for themselves. That’s an alarming 60% of the total population of young men in Nigeria. And it gets higher among the northerners, soaring as high as 79%!

Truth is, Agbada has grown in popularity and appeal within the last decade. Most men crave the look of influence and opulence that an Agbada provides. Agbada has evolved from being a ceremonial dress to being a status symbol for young men who have reached the age of accountability. It has become the norm for young men having traditional weddings to wear Agbada to such events, especially in the southwestern part of the country. Groomsmen nowadays are almost always seen wearing Agbadas of different styles, colours and designs.

Agbada has continued its dominance in the fashion industry for males. If you like Agbadas but not sure which style to make or colour to choose, this post is for you. If you are planning the dresses for the groomsmen at a wedding, you could also use some of these ideas to get some inspiration!

Here are the latest agbada styles for groomsmen in 2019.

Flowing white Agbada

You can never go wrong with the flowing white Agbada. It is suitable for all skin tones and body shapes, and it sure stands you out from the crowd. At one time, the phenomenon of ‘Yoruba Demons’ was rife; and one major characteristic of these young guys called yoruba demons was their penchant for flowing white agbada. When planning groomsmen attires for wedding, try the flowing white agbadas. A coloured fila, gold or wine-coloured accessories and nice pair of shoes would do to wrap up the look.

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Sea-green Agbada

This style appeals more to the younger folks. Asides rocking the trendy green colour, complement the Agbada with a white/silver under shirt, and have your designer do some silver/white embroidery on the front part of the Agbada. You’d surely like what you see when you put this on and look in the mirror.

Blue Agbada

All shades of blue are great for your Agbada. If you are fair in complexion, you may want to go for darker colours like navy blue, or even royal blue, to adequately complement your skin tone. If you are dark in complexion, you may as well go for sky blue, while the navy blue and royal blue options are not entirely bad options for you. The beauty of blue Agbada comes when you are able to style it with matching embroidery and accessories. You’d leave the ladies gazing!

Black Agbada

The black Agbada is also a great option for groomsmen. It is always colourful to have groomsmen stand side by side wearing either white or all black agbada. It’s a real beauty to behold, especially with gold cufflinks, rings, wristwatches and even dark sunshades.

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