Agbada Gang (Yoruba Demon)

When popular comedian, movie producer and movie star Ayo Makun a.k.a. ‘AY’ released his 2018 blockbuster movie titled ‘Merrymen: The Real Yoruba Demons’ featuring some of the top movie stars of Nollywood, not many knew the subtle societal phenomenon that was being highlighted. Beyond being a movie, it was a real depiction of the state of things in the Nigerian society today.

Why are they called Yoruba Demons? What is the origin of the name?

The name was first coined in 2017 by an anonymous fellow, who noticed a pattern of young handsome and influential men dressed in white flowing Agbada, repeatedly at fault for majority of the heartbreaks experienced by women in civilized societies. They typically turn up at weddings, special occasions and basically all kinds of social events, clad in their trademark white Agbada, looking innocent. Perhaps, the suffix ‘demons’ is an irony of their true intentions.

Yoruba demons come in different shapes, colours and sizes. However, they are all often very attractive and hard-to-not-drool-over. Coincidentally, majority of them are bearded; and, unofficially, all members of the beard gang are bad boys. They typically show up in their white ‘uniform’, cap on head, and with no smile – perhaps one of their rules of engagement is the ‘no smile’ principle. As a result, their mere presence at any function strikes terror at the hearts of young damsels.

Wise ones say that it is wise to fear them. In fact, the fear should be strong enough to drive anyone within close proximity to them to flee; after all, “flee all appearances of evil”, the Christian holy book says. Interestingly, they have the capacity to help one draw closer to God especially in prayers, fasting and counselling. Whether it is praying for your partner to be faithful to you, or it is praying for emotional and psychological healing after a terrible heartbreak, either ways they will inspire any of their victims to pray and make vows to God. In fact, but for their ulterior motives, they would nearly be amazing soul winners for the Lord.

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How can they be identified? How do you differentiate innocent people from these demons?

#1:       Their agbada

The destiny of a Yoruba demon is incomplete without an agbada. The most religious colour of agbada for them is white, but they also have other colours which they wear at random to disguise their true colours. However, whenever they are turning up in their hordes, they always wear white. They are not afraid to announce their presence; and once they step into the place, their eyes immediately scan through the crowd, identifying potential targets and strategizing methods of approach.

#2:       Sweet lips

Like a viper, a Yoruba demon typically has a smooth tongue. His lips drop silky sweetness, and his accent only accentuates his language fluency and the wholesomeness of his vocabulary. If you give him a chance, he’d sweep you off your feet till you forget all about your worries. In a split second he can create such a great impression of himself so that you may admire him intensely. However, once you allow him into your space, he will ruin your life and ensure that you get born again shortly afterwards.

#3:       They use the latest gadgets

One predominant factor about Yoruba demons is wealth. They are typically known to use the latest gadgets and accessories. For instance, the average Yoruba demon who turns up for a party will be using either the latest apple iPhone, or the latest Samsung phone. It’s all a ploy to attract unsuspecting ladies to their trap. They never use cheap or common phones: no, it’s not in their constitution.

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#4:       Dark shades

Sunshades are expected to be worn outdoors and in the open, to protect the users from the harsh sunrays. However, Yoruba demons wear their shades indoors, outdoors and even when driving. It’s all part of their code of conduct. Deeper research into this fascinating phenomenon reveals a secret truth: Yoruba demons wear their shades to conceal their eyes, so as to avoid being noticed when they are scanning the vicinity for their next target. They can glance through multiple girls at different angles from just one spot, without anyone noticing; all with the aid of nice fitting designer sunshades.

#5:       They hardly smile

Yoruba demons only smile when they converge in their den, after they have accomplished their respective missions. Before that time, they take their business seriously – to the point of putting up straight faces void of smiles. This tough expression helps to emphasize their masculinity and pique the interests of girls and ladies around them. Even at that, once they have identified their potential targets, the highest they do is try to check out their victim via non-verbal means and body language to test for their availability and level of gullibility.

#6:       Designer shoes

As earlier established, these guys are wealthy and influential, so they can afford to rock the latest wears and accessories without breaking the bank. They typically turn up at events for two reasons: to get girls, and to make fashion statements. Fashion-savvy folks look forward to seeing what new trend(s) the Yoruba demons will bring to the party; and truly, they do not disappoint.

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#7:       Flashy cars

This should not come as a surprise. They seal the deal to impress and hook their dates with their flashy cars and accessories, and they also live in lavish places too.

After all that is being said, Yoruba men are sweet and their level of high class fashion when it comes to turning up for an event (especially wedding) is second to none. Yoruba men are the cynosure of all eyes at an event, this is because their agbada outfit speaks class and style at its peak. Below are some agbada style inspiration.

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