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5 Top Kids Friendly Spots in Lagos

Kids love fun. It’s part of their nature to be inquisitive, playful, energetic and carefree. No matter how exciting your home or kids’ school is, they will always want more fun. No matter how well you try to get them exciting programs and activities to engage in, as long as they are in a controlled environment, they will never be fully satisfied.

If you are a parent, or you have kid siblings, you will want to ensure that your kids and/or siblings are happy always. They look up to you, and you will not want to fail them. To keep children happy, you must give them what they want and what they were wired for – fun!

If you have run out of ideas for having fun with your kids, you’re welcome to this post. We will be showing you how to sustain consistently high levels of fun for your kids. There are lots of places where you can take your children to for them to have fun. Some of them would involve you spending good money, but some others are quite affordable for the quality of features they offer.

If you are in Lagos or its environs, this post is for you. You should learn to take your kids or kid siblings out often. Let them interact with other people of their age group. Let them learn new experiences and experience new climates, foods, and places. Don’t just keep them indoors all their childhood. There are places where kids often gather to have fun, and we have considered all these places and drawn up a list of the top five for you to choose from, to give your kids maximum fun on the next outing. Enjoy!

  1. Cinemas in Lagos:

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Rather than watch the latest blockbuster movies in your home (which is not bad), take your children to the cinema to watch. It’s not just the movie, but the experience. You will give your kids stories to tell when they come into the midst of their peers back at school or at church. Plus, cinemas these days have more than just theatres. Most of them also have arcades, shopping malls, and gaming centers. The most popular ones in Lagos are Silverbird Galleria, which is located at Victoria Island; Ozone Cinemas, which is located at Yaba; Filmhouse Cinemas, which is located at Lekki; Genesis Deluxe Cinema, which is located at the Palms Mall, Lekki; and a few others. Get them popcorn and ice-cream to enjoy the movie. Take pictures with them as well. They will never forget the experience.


  1. Funtopia Leisure Resort;

Funtopia Leisure Resort is one of the best places to take your children to have fun in Lagos. It is located at Kilometer 35, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos. Anyone who wants to go and have fun with their kids – especially if they are very young – should consider visiting Funtopia Leisure Resort. Their fun features are graded according to age; there are some features and facilities for infants and kids below the age of three, while there are others for older kids. They have swimming pools for kids to swim and play, and they also have arcades and gaming centers for the older kids to indulge and stay entertained.

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  1. Dreamworld Africana:

This is another fun-packed destination that you can take your children for a treat. Dreamworld has everything related to fun, at an affordable price. It is not a place for over serious-minded people who are too serious with life and their kids to visit. It is strictly for fun-seekers. They have a massive roller-coaster to give kids a breath-taking ride, and they also have bumper cars and a wide play area to play and sweat out. Dreamworld Africana offers fun for the entire family. The play facilities are also graded according to age, so there is no need to worry about your younger kids getting injured while playing with facilities that are not for their age grade.

Dreamworld Africana is located at Lekki, Lagos state. If your kids just passed their exams in flying colours, take them to such places. Even if they didn’t do too well, take them here to show them that you still love them. This will take them by surprise and make them strive harder to do well and please you the next term.


  1. Mindscapes Museum:

One thing kids love to do, especially when they play outdoors, is to ‘cook’ with all manners of inanimate objects, take on roles, paint and draw, build sandcastles, and the likes. Many parents do not like their children to stay long in such plays because of dirt and the fear of them ingesting any of their components. However, it is safe to say that this fear would be absent if there was a controlled and healthy environment where children could still play and engage in the creative things they love to do. This controlled environment is exactly what the Mindscapes Museum provides. Children can get to build all manners of things and honing their artistic skills and expressing their artistic creativeness. Children come to learn and explore. The museum itself is a massive building with features like a restaurant with toy foods for kids to ‘cook’, a toy construction site for children to build, a toy bank and ATM machine, and lots more. There are also ancient relics for children to touch and learn from. The staff are also very calm and caring and would surely give your kids an engaging experience.

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Mindscapes museum is also located in Lekki, at Plot 1A, Block 3, Michael Olawale Cole Drive, Lekki Phase 1. It costs less than two thousand naira per child to enjoy all the features they offer all day.


  1. Family Fun Amusement Park:

This is perhaps the only notable fun place outside of Lekki. It is located at Gberigbe, in Ikorodu. It is basically an outdoor amusement park. Children get to play games and have fun. It is good for birthday treats, parties, excursions, and recreational activities.

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