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Wizkid Luxurious Cars, Houses and Private Jet

Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim, a.k.a Wizkid is one of the finest and most talented musicians of Nigerian origin. He also ranks amongst the top earning performers in Nigeria and Africa.

As with most popular, rich and influential musicians, Wizkid has a notable penchant for luxury. He has a variety of expensive cars and jewellery, and he also lives in expensive apartments.

This post sheds light on Wizkid’s cars, houses and even his private jet!

Yes, Wizkid has a private jet. He is perhaps the youngest Nigerian – perhaps African – to accomplish that feat. It is well known that Wizkid’s fellow musician, Davido aimed to be the youngest singer with a private jet, but reports showed that the jet David had laid claim to wasn’t his, but his father’s.

However, Wizkid indeed owns his own private jet.

Wizkid’s cars

The number of cars Wizkid has cannot be accurately ascertained. He has many of them, in various locations. As a matter of fact, all his cars are luxurious cars. Here is a rundown of each of them that can be immediately accounted for, as well as the approximate cost for each.

  • Bentley – worth 47 million naira
  • Mercedes Benz 2012 Compressor Vehicle- worth 15 million naira
  • BMW X6 – worth 12 million naira
  • Honda Accord IV-TEC – worth 10 million naira
  • Porsche Cayenne – worth 20 million naira
  • Hyundai Sonata – 6 million naira

That is a total of 110 million naira, on cars alone!

This list is by no means exhaustive. There may still a few luxury cars Wizkid owns, but these are the ones for which authentic information is available, for now.

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If you thought wizkid probably spent too much on cars, wait till you hear the cost of his houses.

Wizkid’s houses

Asides his luxurious cars, wizkid also owns a few houses and properties in choice locations within Nigeria and abroad. He owns a massive multi-million naira mansion in Victoria Island, which he bought in 2013; while he is also the proud owner of a jaw-dropping $15 million apartment in Los Angeles, USA, which he bought two years ago.

The price of the Victoria Island apartment is approximately 200 million naira, while the house in America is worth over $15 million, which is equivalent to 5.4 billion naira.

So, for his houses alone, Wizkid splashed nearly six billion naira!

Please note that these are not just ordinary houses. The house at Victoria Island is best described as a wanderer’s paradise; while the apartment at Los Angeles is a three-storey Victorian-style house, fitted with swimming pools, amazing scenery and a lot of other high-end fittings for personal convenience and comfort.

Now, to his private jet

Wizkid is one of the few musicians in Africa, in fact on Earth, to possess a personal private jet. Several individuals and corporate entities have scrutinized the authenticity of his jet-ownership claims and have thus found it to be undoubtedly true.

According to reports, Wizkid Ayo has a $40 million dollar jet. He bought it recently, after years of renting jets to and from his various international performances and engagements.


A jet affords the owner several benefits, many of which Wizkid has began to enjoy. Some of the advantages include; instantaneous access to any location in the world, without the delays and hassles associated with public air travel; optimized comfort while travelling; and greater control over one’s schedule. Anyone with a private jet can decide to take a trip abroad at any point in time, provided all the necessary paperwork and preparations are in place. This is impossible with public air travel.

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On the other hand, even though flying around with a private jet has numerous advantages, there are also some drawbacks one should consider. The most important one among them is the high cost of maintaining private jets. As a matter of fact, the average maintenance cost of private jets is enough to pay for round trips from one part of the world to another.

Furthermore, the cost of parking is another thing to consider; and so is the cost of aviation fuel, and payment of aircraft staff.

However, Wizkid is definitely wealthy enough to foot these bills; which is why he got himself a brand new jet.

His source of wealth

Wizkid is currently worth several millions of dollars. He is not a business man, nor is he into any known profession. He only plies his trade as a musician, and he has been very successful at it so far.

Most of his earnings come from record album sales, as well as his performances at shows and events. It costs millions of naira to invite Wizkid’s to perform at a show, and he often has scores of such performance invites every now and then.

He also makes good money from endorsement deals. Wizkid has been the poster boy for telecommunications giants Glo mobile; for beverage company Pepsi; as well as for other brands within and outside Nigeria. He takes in lots of money from those endorsement deals.

At 26 years of age, he is the founder and president of Starboy Records, he owns two high-end houses, several luxurious cars, and a $40 million dollar private jet. Such is the kind of life that Wizkid’s Ayo lives.

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Like almost all Nigerian celebrities, Wizkid is not married but has children. According to reports, he has at least two children from two different ‘baby-mamas’. Both he and Davido appear to be following in the footsteps of TuFace Idibia, who is the grand patron of the Baby Mama phenomenon.

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