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20 Top Nigerian Party Songs

top nigerian party songs

Nigerians are party freaks, and we also love good music and dance. The Nigerian music industry is unarguably one of the best in the world at the moment. It boasts of a large number of top artistes, many of which are recognized all over the world. Most Nigerian artistes are wealthy and influential, their songs have gone far and wide, to other parts of the earth. These days, it is not uncommon to see songs of Nigerian singers being used in Hollywood movies and big screen adverts.

Such is the incredible potential that the country’s music industry possesses.

Nigerians love parties. In fact, a strong proclivity for attending parties is one of the most distinguishing feature of most Nigerians, wherever they may be found. Nigerian parties usually feature good music – sometimes live – as well as lots of expensive food and drinks.

There are songs that every party-goer would desire to hear. These are the top party hit songs. Such songs include the likes of ‘Aye’ by Davido, ‘Skelewu’ also by Davido, ‘Dongoyaro’ and ‘Story for the gods’ both by Olamide Badoo, and many others. Now, these are old tracks, but there are more recent songs that just rock any party!

We give you a list of the top Naija party hit songs. If you are organizing a party soon and want to give your guests the best experience, then this list will come in handy for you.

Hit Party Songs:

‘Assurance’ – Davido

This song is about a lover’s love for his beloved. In the song, David demonstrates his undying love for his current lover, Chioma, and tries to assure her of his long-term commitment to her. It was confirmed that David actually bought his girlfriend a brand-new Porsche automobile worth in excess of 45 million naira. What an assurance!

Whenever this song is played in clubs or party venues, most girls look to their male partners, asking for assurance, and reminding them of how much David spent to assure his girlfriend, Chioma of his love for her. For this reason, many guys do not like the song – or they do, except for when they are in company of their partners.

The reasons are obvious!

‘Fall’ – Davido:

Davido’s 2017 hit single is fast becoming one of the hottest party songs in Nigeria. It’s music video recently amassed a total of 98 million views on YouTube, making it the all-time most viewed video by a Nigerian act.

‘Who You Epp?’ – Olamide Badoo

Olamide may still be the undisputed king of local rap. This song ‘Who You Epp?’ resonates deep into the hearts and souls of party yoers whenever it is played. Even the most depressed individuals can find some reason to be happy and gyrate when this song is played. The song is so popular, that many have even coined a slang from its title. Walking on the streets of any major city in Nigeria, one can expect to hear the phrase ‘who you epp’ or ‘who im epp’ being used I’m discussions or arguments.

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‘Issa Goal’ – Lil Kesh, Naira Marley & Olamide

This hit party song is used to celebrate success. Any party where some form of success in life or any endeavour is being celebrated, usually would have this song being played. The title ‘Issa Goal’ is culled from the ‘It’s a Goal’ term usually used in football by commentators, whenever one of the teams playing a match scores a Goal, and the players wheel off to celebrate.

Olamide is known for his ability to always provide Nigerians with new slangs to use every now and then through his songs. This song, ‘Issa Goal’ is no exception. All over social media, young people have adopted the ‘Issa Goal’ slang to indicate when a target is reached, or when a mission is accomplished. It may also be used to refer to a popular or influential individual who regularly performs laudably. For example, one can say ‘Davido Issa Goal’, for the success of his hit song ‘Fall’.

‘‘Science Student’ – Olamide Badoo

This is another hit song from Olamide. Any party DJ who fails to play ‘Science Student’ at his parties is probably not fit to be referred to as a DJ.

No party is complete without songs like ‘Science Student’!

‘Bahd Baddo Baddest’ – Falz Ft. Olamide and Davido

This blockbuster combination of Falz the Bahd Guy, Olamide Badoo and Davido is one of the hottest party jam songs ever.

‘Manya’ – Wizkid ft. Mut4y

This is a cool song from the ‘Holla at your boy’ crooner. Definitely a hit party song.

‘Kolewerk’ remix – Koker Ft. Olamide

This trendy song also ranks among the top hit party songs this year. After releasing Kolewerk, he opted to team up with industry giant Olamide Badoo for the remix of the same song. Kolewerk is actually a pseudonym for ‘Kole work’, in yoruba, which in itself means ‘It cannot work’.

‘Emergency’ – D’Banj

The self-acclaimed Koko master came up with this hot song several months ago, and it still tops many charts. It is one of the party-goers’ favourites, and many party organizers and guests often request for it at parties and events.

‘Bad Gang’ – Ajebuttee 22 Ft. Falz the Bahd Guy

This song features a combination of comedy lyrics and skillful production. Ajebutter 22 teamed up with Falz the Bahd Guy to give party lovers a taste of pop music. Definitely a danceable tune.

‘Olowo’ – Cynthia Morgan

Talk about a song with raw energy and vibes! This song is every party dancer’s favourite. The energy with which Cynthia Morgan projects her lyrics is so intense, which is why it ranks among the top party hit songs.

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Other hit party songs include:

  • ‘Fever’, by Wizkid Ayo
  • ‘One Ticket’, by Kiss Daniel ft. David
  • ‘Motigbana’, by Olamide Badoo
  • ‘Ghetto Gospel’, by Phyno ft. Olamide Badoo
  • ‘Gbona’, by Burna Boy

And many others.

The list is nearly endless, as every day, new artistes release hot new songs and videos. Nonetheless, there is no party that will hold in Nigeria that will not have at least a handful of these songs being played.

These are the hottest hit party songs now, while we look forward to what 2019 has in store.

Also, Read below Top Naija Party Songs for 2017/2018

Nigerians are party people. We love to groove and we know a good music when we hear one. Music has always been an influencing force. No wonder our talented Nigerian artistes know the right songs to dish out. These songs are like a soothing balm or medicine to various personal problems.

top nigerian party songs

When we listen to these songs, we forget our problems and party hard. From dabbing to whatever dance moves we have, these 20 top Nigerian songs will make us forget our sorrows and rock our souls, bodies, and minds.

Dotman- Akube

Akube is one of the 20 top Nigerian party songs that will drive you crazy as soon as the music starts playing. To show Dotman’s confidence in his song, he created an official and unofficial video for the song.

Terry Apala-Champagne Showers

From nowhere, Terry Apala wowed Nigerian party lovers with his hit song “Champagne Showers”. His unique voice which is a fusion of Fuji, trap and hip-hop makes him stands out from other Nigerian artistes.

 Aramide Ft. Adekunle Gold-Love Me

Two of Nigeria’s best Afro-R&B artists came together to create this scintillating love song titled “Love Me”. If you are in the mood for a Nigerian love song, this music is definitely one to listen to; hence, earning a spot in our list of 20 top Nigerian party songs.

Adekunle Gold-Ready

Adekunle Gold continues to endear fans to him and after releasing his previous singles, “Pick Up& Orente”, he decided to dish us with this lovely Afro-pop tune titled Ready. Ready tells the story of a man who’s ready and on a journey to explore love and all that it entails.

Ill Bliss Ft. StormRex &Flavour- Nku

Early last year, Ill Bliss featured StormRex and Flavour to release a music that’s come to stick around. The wonderful combo of the three artistes shows that Ill Bliss sure knows how to package his music.

Reekado Banks-Oluwa Ni

Winner of coveted Next Rated Award in 2015, Reekado had a lot of pressure to deal with. To diffuse the situation, the talented singer dished out this lovely tune Oluwa Ni that’s got every Nigerian dancing whenever it’s played.

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 Sugar Boy- Hola Hola

Coming from the stable of G-Worldwide’s act, Sugar Boy is Hola Hola. This song’s got guys pooping bottles in the club. It has a good party vibe and its popularity spread on like wildfire.

 Koker Ft. Olamide-Kolewerk remix

Chocolate City music act, Koker, dropped a street friendly tune Kolewerk that got him voted as  the Best Street Hop  Artist at the Headies last year. Koker is one to use an advantage when he sees one and Kolewerk shows just how much he understands the pop culture.

 Mr Eazi Ft. Lil Kesh- Sample you

With his signature phrase ‘Zagger that”, Mr. Eazi’s collaboration with YAGI rapper, Lil Kesh created an outstanding party song that dwells on ladies, hence, making the song easy to relate with.

Eugi Ft. Mr Eazi- Dance for me

Produced by Juls, this dance anthem created a feel good vibe and got everyone dancing and dabbing. It’s enough reason to make it to the list of 20 top Nigerian party songs.

Yung L Ft. Timaya – Pass Me the Aux remix

The combo of two finest Nigerian dancehall acts, this song is definitely worth rocking to.


A song with a love theme, Tekno Miles just knows what to give his fans to love him.

Cynthia Morgan- Olowo

Nigeria’s bad girl and dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan deviated a little from her normal style in this song but its infectious energy definitely makes it one of the 20 top Nigerian party songs.

Ajebutter 22 Ft. Falz – Bad gang

A lover of comic relief, Ajebutter’s combo with Falz is worth listening to. It’s a pop-culture topic turned music. With Falz been no stranger with comedy, Bad gang is definitely a hit.

Maleek Berry-Kontrol

With Maleek Berry’s vocal and production prowess, this Caribbean influenced tune sure makes it to the list of 20 top Nigerian party songs.

D’banj- Emergency

With ales than stellar performance in 2015, the Koko Master’s hit was worth waiting for. The song’s    dance moves, dancers and D’banj’s clothing takes one back to the days of Fela.

Kiss Daniel-Jombo

Telling the story of a young Yoruba man in love with a beautiful Igbo lady, but afraid to approach her parents because of their quirky personalities, Jombo is definitely one Nigeria’s top 20 party songs.

Falz Ft. Olamide and Davido – Bahd Baddo Baddest

The combo put together by these top Nigerian acts makes the song a blast.  It’s definitely worth listing as one of 20 top Nigerian party songs. I’m sure you couldn’t agree less.

 Phyno- Fada Fada

Just like Connect, Fada Fada is a classic tune that all Nigerians especially the Igbos will connect with. Thumbs up to Phyno.

Olamide- Who You Epp

To those who felt Olamide is no longer the king of rapping, this song is a good reminder that Olamide is on top of his game.

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