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100 Unique Nigerian Female Baby Names and their Meaning

All Nigerian names have their uniqueness and mostly, this uniqueness stems from the meaning attached to each of the names. Circumstances that surround the birth of a child and future expectations from the child, largely contribute to the meaning of a child’s name. While there are names peculiar to a particular sex, there some that are generally suitable for both sexes. However, our aim here is to provide you with female names and their meaning.


You all agree that Nigeria is diverse in terms of ethnicity and religion. Each of the ethnic groups has different reasons for naming their child, and the names have different meanings that are unique in their perspectives. Therefore, the names that we will be providing you with will cut across the major ethnic groups in Nigeria (Yorùbá, Hausa and Igbo). As regards the diversity in religion, the three major groups are Muslims, Christians, and Traditionalists. Each household that belongs to anyone of these religious beliefs gives his child a name that portrays the religion to which he practices. Thus, with our vast knowledge as well as in-depth research on the meaning of these names, we will be providing some of them as well.



Furthermore, many other factors contribute to the kind of name given to a child, and some of these factors (especially in the Yorùbá land) generate some common prefixes or suffixes. These prefixes and or suffixes are added to the names. TheYorubasalso has panegyric names (Orúkọ oríkì).


Some Yoruba Names‘ Prefixes or Suffixes

  • Odun: This is a name given to a child that is born during festive periods. It could be added as a prefix or suffix to a name as the case may be.
  • Ade (crown)/Oye: This is commonly used in a royal family. But note that “Ade” does not always mean crown in some Yoruba names, it may mean “someone who arrives.” In this case, it will only be used as a prefix.
  • Akin: This simply meanswarrior” and it is commonly used in a family that fight battles.
  • Ola: This means wealth.
  • Oluwa: This means God. It can sometimes be shortened to Olu.
  • Ogun (god of iron), Ṣàngó, Ọya, Ọṣun and Ifá: These are the common traditional religion in Yorùbá land and they name their children using these names as their prefixes because they believe that it is these gods that gave them the children.

In Igbo land, such prefixes include:

  • Chukwu or Chi: Meaning “God.
  • Adaoma: Meaningdaughter


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In the Hausa land, however, the names given to their children are usually names gotten from the Holy Book (Al-Qur’an).

It is going to be a long and enjoyable drive, so fasten your seat belt and relax as we bring you the finest female names in Nigeria in alphabetical order (A-Z).

Yorùbá Female Names and their Meaning

  1. Aarinola: The centre of wealth
  2. Abisade: someone born into a royal home (crown)
  3. Adebola: someone who comes to meet wealth or the crown meets wealth
  4. Adedayo: the crown becomes a wealth
  5. Adedola: The crown becomes a wealth
  6. Adedoyin: The crown becomes honey
  7. Adeṣẹwa: the crown makes beauty
  8. Adesire: Someone who came into goodness
  9. Àdùnní: Someone who is sweet to have. (this is a panegyric name)
  10. Adunọla: the sweetness of wealth
  11. Anjolaoluwa: we are enjoying the grace of God
  12. Araoluwa: the wonder of God
  13. Ayanfẹoluwanimi: I am God’s beloved
  14. Ayodola: Our Joy has turned to wealth
  15. Bẹwaji: wake up with beauty
  16. Bọlatito: The extent of wealth or power
  17. Dideoluwa: the arrival of God
  18. Ẹniẹyẹ: a person of honour
  19. Ẹniọla: a person of wealth
  20. Ẹriayo: evidence of joy
  21. Ẹwàtoni: beauty is worth having
  22. Ẹwatomi: beauty is enough for me
  23. Ẹwàoluwa: the beauty of God
  24. Fadekẹmi: pamper me with the crown
  25. Folaṣẹwa: use wealth for beauty
  26. Ideraoluwa: Comfort of God
  27. Ifẹdayọ: love becomes a joy.
  28. Iremide: my goodness has arrived
  29. Ìrètíayọ̀: the anticipation of joy
  30. Ìtùnúoluwa: the comfort of God
  31. Iwalọla: Good behaviour is wealth
  32. Kofoworola: she did not use the money to buy wealth or power
  33. Mojisọla: I woke up to wealth
  34. Morẹnikejimi: I have seen someone to support me
  35. Motirayọ: I have seen the joy
  36. Ọdúnayo: A year of joy or joyful festival
  37. Ọlateju: Our wealth has spread
  38. Oladunni: wealth is sweet to have.
  39. Oluwadarasimi: God is good to me
  40. Oluwafifẹhanmi: God has shown me love
  41. Oluwanifemi: God loves me
  42. Oluwatosin: God is worthy worshipping
  43. Oluwaṣetemi: God has done my will.
  44. Oluwajọmiloju: God surprises me
  45. Ọmọjọla: children are superior to wealth.
  46. Oyindamola: Honey mix with wealth
  47. Simisọ́la: rest or relax in wealth
  48. Temilade: the crown belongs to me
  49. Tiwalọla: Ours is wealth
  50. Tiwalade: Ours is the crown
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Igbo Female Names and their Meaning

  1. Adaoma: a beautiful first daughter
  2. Adaeze: A princess
  3. Akunjeli: I will enjoy that wealth
  4. Adaego: daughter of wealth
  5. Adaora: the people’s daughter
  6. Anwuli: Joy of the Lord
  7. Chibuogo: God is strength
  8. Chibundo: God is my shelter
  9. Chineneye: God gives
  10. Chimamanda: My God will not fail
  11. Echioma: Brighter tomorrow
  12. Ezinne: The good mother
  13. Ginika: What can be greater than God?
  14. Ginikanwa: What can be greater than a child?
  15. Ijemma: Have a beautiful journey
  16. Kasarachi: confide in God
  17. Kambili: Let me live
  18. Kelechi: Thank God
  19. Lebechi: Look unto God
  20. Mmadiya: The one whose beauty makes her husband proud
  21. Nkechi: Owned by God
  22. Nkeiruka: The future is brighter
  23. Obianuju: Born in the midst of plenty
  24. Obioma: Good heart
  25. Oluchi: God’s creation
  26. Ononuju: The one in the midst of plenty
  27. Ozinna: message from the father
  28. Ozioma: Good news or message
  29. Sochima: Only God knows
  30. Zara: God answered


Hausa Female Names and their Meanings

Like I said earlier, the Hausa tribe usually gives their female child names from the Qur’an. Here is the list of some of them.


  1. Atikah: clear or pure
  2. Asma’u: Eminent
  3. Aminah: Trustworthy
  4. Amilah: Doer of (good) deeds.
  5. Aabidah: A worshipper
  6. Afizah: someone who has memorized the Qur’an
  7. Alimah: A scholar
  8. Bahiyyah: Radiant
  9. Faizah: victorious
  10. Fatimah: Daughter of the prophet (SAW)
  11. Lubabah: innermost essence
  12. Manunah: Fortunate or blessed
  13. Nabilah: Noble
  14. Naimah: enjoying the bounty of God
  15. Aabidah: Happy, fortunate
  16. Sumayyah: a proper name
  17. Zahrah: blossom; beautiful
  18. Zariyah: beauty and light
  19. Zaytun: Olive
  20. Zaynab: Daughter of the prophet (SAW)


I hope you enjoyed the ride and that we have been able to help you in deciding which name to choose for your sweet baby girl.


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Thank you!

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