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100 Hot & Fast Selling Products & Goods in Nigeria

More than countable products and goods are presently selling hot and fast in Nigeria. Being the largest black nation on earth in terms of population, the country is a hub for buying and selling as the market for many products and goods is readily available.

In Nigeria of today, majority of the populace look for one business or the other to engage in. Even among the salary earners, the need to diversify and widen their income options is being sung in their heads everyday. This makes it important for us at NigerianFacts to present you with information on the hot and fast selling products and goods in Nigeria.

Before we get started, let me make it clear that business ideas and knowledge are important for everyone. The fact that someone is doing well in a business does not mean you should plunge into it. If you dive into a river of unknown terrain, you could end up being consumed by the tide. So, it’s always best to understand the business you are investing into, and read our 5 major reasons why small scale businesses fail in Nigeria.

Now, to the gist for today’s discuss. The following goods and products – in no particular order – have been noted to be making waves in Nigerian market. With good sense of business, planning and wherewithal, these goods and products should sell fast at any location in Nigeria.

  1. Recharge cards: the selling of call cards is one of the hot and fast selling products and goods in Nigeria today. Find a good location, and design the denominations you will concentrate on according to the demography of the area, then you are good.
  2. Sachet (“pure”) water: For one reason or the other, Nigerians are hotly patronizing sachet water these days. Expect better sales during the dry season.
  3. Noodles: Kids love noodles, and their parents aren’t denying them of it.
  4. Toiletries: From soaps to tissue paper, toiletries are daily needs of Nigerians and they are also moving fast in the market
  5. Soft drinks: Whether in wholesale or retail, soft drinks, such as Coca Cola and Teem, are fast selling in Nigeria today. With Nigerians attitude to weekends, you should expect a high turnover.
  6. Nice Footwear: Damn recession. If you have good stocks for shoes, Nigerians are ready to patronize your product.
  7. Clothes: In varying types and colors, just find your market and know what they want.
  8. Make-up kits
  9. Cosmetics: In varying types and degrees, cosmetic goods and products are hot and fast moving in Nigerian market.
  10. Weave-on/artificial hair: Just look around you, you’ll see the reason why we included this on the hot and fast selling goods and products in Nigeria list.
  11. Power banks: we have energy issue in Nigeria, and the introduction of Power banks into Nigerian market was gracefully accepted by the people.
  12. Water: This is one of the hottest products selling in parts of Nigeria with water scarcity or portable water for daily needs.
  13. Drugs/Medicines: Nigerians love buying drugs. Even though drug abuse shouldn’t be encourage, the need to keep buying drug will persist in our society for long.
  14. Second-hand shoes
  15. Rechargeable torchlight
  16. Headphone/earpiece
  17. Memory cards
  18. Table/bottled water
  19. Screen Guards
  20. Wrist Watches
  21. Computer Accessories
  22. Electric bulb and home lightening
  23. Automobile spare parts
  24. Biro, pencil and ruler
  25. Prepared/cooked foods
  26. Fairly used clothes
  27. Rice
  28. Gari (cassava flakes)
  29. Beans
  30. Second-hand bags
  31. Mobile phone charger
  32. Seasonings (“maggi”)
  33. Salt
  34. Pepper
  35. Vegetable
  36. Flour
  37. Cream
  38. School bag
  39. Deodorant
  40. Rechargeable lamps
  41. Perfume
  42. Socks
  43. Belt
  44. Candles
  45. Cooking gas
  46. Egg
  47. Fruits
  48. Gala
  49. Baking powder
  50. Children toys
  51. Baby clothes
  52. Diapers
  53. Baby food products
  54. Plantain
  55. Printing paper
  56. Second-hand TV
  57. Toothpaste
  58. Shoe polish
  59. Petrol
  60. Slippers
  61. Nylon (plastic bags)
  62. Pads
  63. Popcorn
  64. Biscuits
  65. Second-hand Fridge
  66. Electronic accessories
  67. Maternity products
  68. Plantain chips
  69. Farm inputs (in agrarian areas)
  70. Nails
  71. Umbrella
  72. Consumables for babies
  73. Printer ink
  74. Sachet tea and milk
  75. Bathroom slippers
  76. Jewellery
  77. Rechargeable fan
  78. Inverters
  79. Fruit salad
  80. Gold Circle Condum
  81. Cocoa
  82. Bitters
  83. Textile materials
  84. Kerosene
  85. Kitchen utensils
  86. Beverages
  87. Fruit juice
  88. Ice block
  89. Detergents
  90. Building materials
  91. Laptops
  92. Android phones
  93. Cement
  94. Bread
  95. Shower cap
  96. Christmas light (at Christmas season)
  97. Christmas cap (at Christmas season)
  98. “Cheese balls”
  99. Moi-Moi
  100. Akara (Bean cake)
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Over to you now. Do you think there is any hot and fast selling products and goods in Nigeria that have not been captured in the list above, kindly share with us in the comment box.

Meanwhile, for those who will be launching one business or the other, remember to make important overview of your market, learn about the business and don’t let anything stop you. Of course, there’ll be challenges, but the greatest challenge your business can face is you and your family – work on that.


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