10 Best Secondary School in Lagos

Nigeria’s educational system is characterized by the ‘6-3-3-4’ phenomenon which mandates that children must spend a minimum of 6 years in primary school, 3 years in junior secondary, 3 more years in senior secondary, and a minimum of 4 years in a tertiary institution. The period of secondary school education is one of the most crucial stages of a child’s educational development. As a matter of fact, it may well be ranked as the most critical. This is because, the period during which students attend secondary school is characterized by many life-changing developments, most of which cannot be circumvented. For instance, it is in secondary school that most students begin to experience puberty and its accompanying changes. It is also in secondary school that their minds begin to open to the many realities that characterize the world we live in. Furthermore, in secondary school, the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of most children begin to come to the fore, and they also begin to build their social skills and friendships from there.

This is why the secondary school stage is very critical. Many of the things they will eventually go on to become and exhibit in life are formed in this stage; which is why, parents and guardians must be very intentional and interested in the kinds of secondary schools that they send their wards to.

Nigeria’s educational system has its own peculiarities, many of which can be discouraging to parent and students alike. However, these days, many new schools have begun to spring up in different parts of the country, especially in Lagos and Abuja, which offer international curricula and feature educational structures, systems and services that meet global educational standards.

There are thousands of secondary schools in Lagos state alone. However, out of all the numerous schools already in existence and those still to be birthed, there are some that are the parents’ favourites. These special few have stood out for the outstanding performance of their students at popular competitions and examinations, and they also boast world-class features and facilities.

We have listed them here, as the top ten best secondary schools.

This post highlights a little detail about each of these ten best secondary schools in Lagos state, Nigeria, and what exactly makes them as good as they are made to appear. If you are a parent or guardian, and you are in search of a very good secondary school somewhere in Lagos state for your ward(s), look no further. This post comes with all the information that you need, and more.

From the tenth best, here goes:


Atlantic Hall School is one of the best and most popular schools in Lagos state. It was established in 1989. It is one of the schools in Lagos that provide all-round education to their students; that is, education and support in academics, relationship building, sports, career advising, and all-round care. The school has full boarding facilities, and also features a dual-curriculum system that combines the traditional Nigerian programmes and international programmes, to enable students have education and certifications that will facilitate their seamless incorporation into international educational systems in future.

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Their motto is, “Excellence and Integrity”, and they are one of the top secondary schools you should consider. They admit qualified students of both sexes, their student-teacher ratio stands at 9:1, and they have other dedicated non-academic staff that are always present to meet the needs of the students. The school is located on a 30-hectare site in Epe, Lagos state.


Vivian Fowler Memorial College is one of the few excellent gender-specific secondary schools in Lagos state. Named after an old lady called Mrs. Vivian Fowler, the school was founded in the year 1991, and currently admits only females for all its classes. They have a good reputation amongst schools in Nigeria and beyond. Their students perform excellently at competitions and continental examinations. If you are looking for a god school for your female child or ward, and you do not mind the idiosyncrasies of a girls’-only school, then Vivian Fowler Memorial College is one option you should consider.The school is located at Oregun, Ikeja, in lagos state.


Chrisland Schools are one of the best and most popular educational institutions, not just in Lagos state, but in Nigeria as a whole. Chrisland schools limited is a group of schools providing sound education for secondary school students, primary school students, and even nursery school pupils. The group consists of thirteen arms, which are: Chrisland School, Opebi; Chrisland School, Ladipo Oluwole; Chrisland School, Victoria Garden City; Chrisland School, Lekki; Chrisland School, Abuja; Chrisland High School, Lekki; Chrisland High School, Victoria Garden City; Chrisland High School, Ikeja; Chrisland High School, Abuja; Chrisland College, Egbeda; Chrisland School, Festac; Chrisland Pre-Degree College; and Chrisland High School, Festac.

Eighth on our list of the best secondary schools in Lagos is Chrisland School, Opebi. Students of the school consistently perform excellently in continental examinations and local competitions, and they have world-class teaching facilities. They also admit both male and female students, and they are one of the most expensive schools in Lagos state.

Chrisland schools award high-performing students with mouth-watering scholarships, as a way of boosting the morale of the students to pursue their academic purposes.


St. Gregory’s college (also referred to as St. Greg’s College) is one of the best places to send your child for secondary school education, especially if that child is a male. The school admits only boys and is one of the oldest in Nigeria.

It was established as far back as the year 1928, by the Roman Catholics in the country at that time. It is known for excellence and morals. They also place premium on grooming students to be leaders in their respective spheres of influence.

Students of this school always do well at examinations like WACE and NECO, and the regularly defeat opponents from other schools in competitions like the Cowbell Mathematics Competition, and many others.

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St. Gregs’ College has many notable alumni, both in Nigeria and abroad. They are one of the best secondary schools in Lagos state, and in Nigeria as a whole.


Just like Chrisland Schools Limited, Corona Schools is a conglomerate of educational institutions in the country that provide quality education to meet the needs of children and teenagers from all walks of life. Their motto is “Delivering world-class education”, and they have stayed true to that path since their inception in 1954. The group consists of six arms, which are: Corona School, Ikoyi Day Nursery; Corona School, Lekki; Corona School, Gbagada; Corona School, Apapa; Corona School, Victoria Island; and Corona School, Ikoyi.

Sixth on our list of the top ten best secondary schools in Lagos is the Corona School, Ikoyi. Like the other arms, it features a fascinating combination of American, British and traditional Nigerian academic curricula and educational system. They are surely worth considering, if you are in need of good options for secondary schools in Lagos state for your child or ward.


Just like the name indicates, the American International School is one of the few schools in Nigeria that operate strictly based on the American academic curriculum and educational system. Without mincing words, AIS is one of the best international secondary schools in Nigeria and in Africa.

The school was founded since as far back as 1965, by an act of the United States Government to provide American-style education for children of American nationals who were resident in the country at that time. The goal was to ensure that the children would fit back into the academic set-up in the US, whenever they returned to the country. Since then, the school has expanded in its vision, and now caters for both American students, and for children of rich Nigerians who desire their children to gain exposure to American educational systems.

Perhaps, one key feature about the school is that the school fees are paid in American dollars, not naira. This makes it the most expensive secondary school in the country.


British International School is more like the British version of American International School. Both schools offer educational services and curricula that are similar to what is obtainable in their own country. Parents need not send their children abroad to experience foreign educational systems anymore, because schools like BIS have brought it all here.

The school was established in 2001, and they admit students of both genders. It is one of the most internationalized institutions in the country, as evidenced by the high number of students of other nationalities, including Indians, Americans, Iranians, Pakistani, Israeli, Omanis, Ghanaians, and etcetera. The school is fully equipped with boarding facilities and world-class educational materials. Because it is an international school, fees are also paid in foreign currency.


Greenspring School is one of the top best secondary schools in the country. It has been in existence since 1985 and has consistently produced visionary and innovative individuals and leaders, who would eventually proceed to perform exceptionally in tertiary studies and in their respective careers.

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GreenSpring School has an impressive reputation among schools in Nigeria and all over Africa. It admits both male and female students and is a very good option for your child’s secondary school education in Lagos state. 


Queens College is the premier girls’-only school in Lagos, and indeed in the whole of Nigeria. It is a government-owned school. It was established in the year 1927. It is located in Yaba, Lagos state, and is also widely-regarded as a ‘sister-school’ to King’s College Lagos.

One of the key features of Queens College is the nature of the academic system and structure. They operate the traditional Nigerian curriculum, but they also have world-class facilities that provide for easy learning. Queens College students perform exceptionally-well at competitions and examinations. As a matter of fact, for the last ten years, the school has featured in the top ten best schools in Nigeria for excellent academic performance at WAEC and NECO examinations. Also, JAMB statistics indicate that graduates of Queen’s College do very well at the matriculation examinations, with an eventual admission rate of over 75% at first trial. This testifies to the excellence and hard-work of the school’s academic staff, as well as to the administrative and managerial competence of the non-academic staff. The school has adequate boarding facilities, and a good percentage of the large student population are day students.


Kings’ College Lagos is unarguably the best secondary school in Lagos and would also rank among the best in the entire country. It is located in Lagos and was founded in 1909. It is one of the oldest schools in the country.

Kings College students are groomed to be leaders and king’s men, wherever they find themselves. Many of their alumni are prominent Nigerians and political figures.

The school admits only boys. Perhaps, one of the most unique features of Kings College is its alumni system. The Kings College Old Boys Association (KCOBA) is one of the strongest secondary school alumni associations in the world. They have functional chapters in every continent on earth, and they meet regularly to discuss pressing matters affecting fellow kingsmen, the school, and their communities.

They have adequate boarding facilities on their two campuses, both of which are located on Lagos island. They also have world-class sports facilities, and their most distinguishing feature is their all-white school uniforms with matching blazers.

These are the top ten best secondary schools in Lagos state. There are many other schools in the state which offer quality and relatively affordable education for your wards, but these are the best of the lot. Remember, secondary school education is a very crucial aspect of a child’s development; and for that reason, quality should not be traded for proximity or affordability.


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