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10 Affordable Vacation Destinations in Nigeria

Vacations could be times of refreshing for many people, especially those who work hard. Many people use vacations to cool off and get rejuvenated for whatever lies ahead of them. People also use vacations as a means of bonding with their families. Some go on vacations as part of their honeymoon, or marriage renewal; and in most cases, it sure helps to rekindle the lost spark in marriages.

Everyone wants to have a cool vacation. However, it appears that not everyone can afford the kind of cool vacation they so desire – something like a one week ride on a yacht, or a trip to Disneyworld, or to Paris, or to some Caribbean Island, or to some resort in southern or eastern Africa. Many people cannot afford to go on such vacations because they do not have the financial power to fund such capital intensive endeavours, and they also do not know of other less expensive but equally good alternatives.

That is exactly what this post is about. There are a lot of good vacation spots in Nigeria that you can go to and still have maximum fun. You really do not need to break the bank to spend time with your family away from home, or to take a break from work to refresh and catch your breath.

Here is a run-down of the top ten affordable vacation destinations in Nigeria.

  1. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Calabar:

Also known as Obudu Mountain Resort, Obudu Cattle Ranch is a real wonder to behold. It is arguably Nigeria’s most popular tourist destination. It has world-class features; from a cable ride showing offering amazing scenery to spacious and affordable rooms for guests, and restaurants and swimming pools for one’s indulgence. Obudu Cattle Ranch is surely an ideal destination for vacation lovers in Nigeria and indeed Africa. It is located at Obudu, close to the Nigerian-Camerounian border in Calabar, Cross River state. Couples can visit to relax and bond, and kids also have lots of places to play around and have real fun.

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  1. Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar:

This is also another world-class vacation destination located at Calabar, Cross river state. It is located close to the Calabar River. It has world-class features and facilities to suit business and recreational purposes. There are halls, shops and warehouses to suit one’s business needs, and there are also entertainment facilities like a cinema, a casino, swimming pools, restaurants, kids’ arcade, and a night club, among other facilities available.


  1. Jos Wildlife Park:

The Jos Wildlife park is located at the ancient city of Jos, Plateau state. It is one of Nigeria’s biggest and most popular artificial zoological gardens. Lots of exciting animals can be found there, like Lions, Monkeys, Baboons and Elephants. It is a good choice for recreation.


  1. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort:

This is one of the best beach resorts in Nigeria. It is located at Lekki, Lagos state. It is a private beach resort, and it offers a mix of traditional African warmth with modern luxuries. Little wonder, several important individuals and world government leaders have been there at some point or another, some more than once, to have a vacation or a rest time. It’s surely home away from home here.


  1. Yankari Games Reserve and Resort, Bauchi:

The Yankari Games Reserve and Resort, Bauchi is one of the most beautiful vacation destinations to visit in Nigeria. It is located at Bauchi state, in Northern Nigeria. You are sure to have an awesome safari experience. It has warm springs and friendly animals and birds to play with. The area is also relatively secure.

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  1. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ekiti:

This is another very popular tourist and vacation destination in Nigeria. It is located at Ikogosi, in Ekiti state, Southwestern Nigeria. The major highlighting feature of this place is a confluence of cold and warm springs. Both springs flow side by side, but instead of getting mixed up they both retain their individual thermal properties. It is a real wonder to experience.


  1. Erin IJesha Waterfalls:

The Erin Ijesha waterfall is located at Erin-Ijesha, in Osun state. Also referred to as Olumirin Waterfalls features up to seven floors, and a village is known to exist at the top of the waterfall. Tourists from all over Nigeria are known to visit the site frequently to catch a glimpse of its beauty and splendor.


  1. Whispering Palms:

This is an 8-acre private beach resort. It is one of the most popular resorts in Nigeria. It is located at Badagry, Lagos state. It is relatively very cheap to enjoy, and it also offers amazing features and facilities. People can enjoy a boat ride, a visit to the mini-zoo, or a visit to the heritage museum. People can also spend nights in their luxury rooms at affordable prices, with access to good food, internet facilities and peace of mind.


  1. Abraka Turf and Country Club:

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive romantic getaway for yourself and tour partner, then the Abraka Turf and Country club is one option you should strongly consider. It is a private beach resort, and it is located at Abraka, Delta state, in the south-south region of Nigeria. It has luxurious features and facilities to make your stay a memorable one. You are also sure to not see all the troubles you experience in everyday life, like traffic, dirty roads, dirty air, and incessant power outages. The club places premium on satisfying its customers.

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  1. Lekki Leisure Lake:

The Lekki Leisure lake is a beauty to experience. If you just want a moment to reflect or cool off, either alone or with a partner, this site is a good choice for you. It is located at Eti-osa, specifically along the Lekki Peninsula in Lagos state. It is ideal for outdoor fun. Visitors to this place can get to engage in water sports like jet skiing, boat pedaling, and etcetera. Unfortunately, surfing is not available here, nor anywhere else in Nigeria. Guests can also hold sea-side meetings and parties here.

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