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Stylish Ways to Rock your Ankara Fabric

Ankara designs are very popular all around the world. There are new and fashionable styles for both male and female, and the unique colour and pattern of the Ankara material makes it attractive to various class of people.

Since the turn of the century, Ankara designs have been constantly featured on fashion shows and events all over the world. It is not difficult for any individual donning an Ankara-styled outfit to stand out in the midst of people; and, as it is well known, Ankara styles are suitable for all kinds of people and all kinds of occasions.

This post highlights a number of trendy Ankara styles for mature ladies. While fashion designers are becoming more innovative about their use of the Ankara material, not all new designs appeal to mature ladies. Much unlike young girls and ladies, mature ladies are known to place premium on designs that offer maximum comfort and elegance.

Here is a list of the sophisticated designs: 

Ankara Kaftan

Basically, Ankara Kaftans are long, free-flowing gowns that are worn by ladies. Many mature ladies prefer to wear them for casual meetups and other informal gatherings because they are easy to wear, easy to complement and easy to manage. They are nearly ageless, having been on the fashion scene for several years and with no sign of being phased out anytime soon.

In complementing the gown, for example, one easy way the average mature lady can go about it is to simply put on a nice turban (with a colour that accentuates the colour and pattern of the kaftan), then shoes and bag to match. Case closed! The gown can be styled as simple and plain, or it can be decked with beads, shiny stones or elaborate embroidery.

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One major advantage of this style is that it is very comfortable and allows for easy mobility and convenience. Pregnant women and nursing mothers particularly find this style very suitable for their respective conditions.

Ankara Kaftans are very versatile, but only a bit too casual for formal settings.

Below are some ankara kaftan Style Inspiration.


FLOWING KAFTAN                                                    

OFF SHOULDER KAFTAN                                


ARMLESS KAFTAN                                             

Ankara Peplum Gown

The peplum gown is every mature lady’s favourite. For those who are not conversant with the name ‘peplum gown’, peplum is essentially the skillful addition of clothing material to a dress at the waist area. Peplum blouses are also very popular, but the peplum gown may have won over the affection of many mature ladies.

The gown can be designed with a uniform colour while the peplum is made of a patterned material, thus bringing attention to the hip area. The gown is designed to amplify the features and figure of the individual wearing it. Mature ladies love this style because they still get the attention and recognition they so desire without revealing too much of their sensitive body parts.

The gown can also be designed as an off-shoulder variant, or a sleeveless one, or even as short-sleeve or long-sleeveon outfits. It can also be made as a long, flowing gown, or as a short one. Either ways, you simply can never go wrong with the peplum gown. It is very applicable for a wide range of purposes, and the dress can be designed to suit all sizes of women, as well as individual preferences. Take a look at the style Inspiration below.




One trending style that has come to stay is Jumpsuit. It’s a combination of a blouse attached to a trouser. Jumpsuit is perfect for any lady, irrespective of her size, shape or skin colour. Infusion of ankara prints into this style make them so much more fascinating and interesting to fashion lovers. They offer great flexibility, comfort and elegance, which are the three most important factors that mature ladies consider when shopping for wears.

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Interestingly, they originated from the overall dresses being made for construction workers in the past. The basic feature of jumpsuits is the blouse and trouser combination. They are more easily recognizable as fashionable overalls that suit basically any kind of function, depending on your ability to match them with appropriate accessories. For instance, a good jumpsuit can be complemented with a blazer or suit and worn to a corporate function, while it could also be worn just the way it is to social engagements. However, since jumpsuits are basically a combination of both blouse and trouser, there isn’t much trouble complementing it. Simply put on a pair of nice shoes and a matching bag and/or headgear, and you’re good to go.

There are also different styles of jumpsuits. There is the crop top jumpsuit, in which the top part of the suit is designed like a crop top. There is also the off-shoulder jump suit, which is like an off-shoulder overall, and many more. Whichever way you choose to have yours styled, the jumpsuit is definitely an easy way to look elegant without going  much trouble.

ANKARA JUMPSUIT                    





The skirt and blouse is like the proverbial ‘ancient landmark’ that cannot be removed. Years of evolution have rocked the fashion industry and many styles have gone into extinction, but the skirt and blouse remains standing as strong as ever. In fact, many middle-aged women who want to make clothes go to their fashion designers with the skirt and blouse design in their subconscious, until they are shown something different which the designer feels may fit them more. Even so, only a handful eventually change their minds!

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These days, skirt and blouse designs can be redefined and remodeled to suit personal preferences.



Ankara Blouse and Wrapper Style

This style is for the older and more matured women, particularly those from the eastern part of Nigeria and those from the South-south region. They typically put on double wrappers for comfort and safety from embarrassment. This style speaks more about cultural norms and values.

As of now, these are the latest fashion designs for mature ladies. One key characteristic about mature ladies is that they are not very adventurous with dressing, much unlike the younger ladies who always like to try new things. See pictures below.













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