UNIBEN: Courses, Admission, School Fees & Student Portal

The University of Benin is one of Nigeria’s foremost Universities. It was established as a federal institution of learning in the year 1970. It is located in the ancient city of Benin, the Edo state capital, in Southern Nigeria. UNIBEN FACULTIES: Like every other prestigious federal institution, the University of Benin has a properly-structured academic […]

10 Largest Universities in Nigeria (2018)

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Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country is dominated by young and agile beings. These individuals place a high importance on education, for the most part because of society. Most Nigerians believe one has to have a good education to be rich, successful and eventually make it in life. As a result of this belief, millions of […]

Ankara Style 2018: Latest and Modern Gowns, Tops, Dresses

New season, new things, new development, new designs, new dresses. Years back, the best that could be achieved from Ankara cloth is the Iro and Buba. In the latest fashion trend Ankara are sewn with different styles of gowns, tops, and dresses that were known only to be English style. Following the fashion trend since […]

Latest Iro and Buba Styles 2018

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In Nigeria, Yoruba tribe is a unique culture.They are unique in the aspect of their mode of dressing, spoken language, attitude and behaviour towards other people. I find it interesting, with the various events or occasions organised by the Yoruba’s. In fact, I keep asking myself how the zeal came about. They are full of […]

Latest Ankara Fashion Style 2018: Gowns, Dresses and Tops

Amazing is the world of Ankara fashion with the rate at which new styles are coming in vogue. In 2016 only, countless number of styles which never existed had emerged with latest world class fashion touch. This makes Ankara style to be the choice of most Nigerian celebrities and fashion designers never relented too in […]

Latest Lace Styles for Wedding (2018)

So, your very special day is ahead and you haven’t seen the perfect wedding dress for you. You have come to the right place! Lace is one of the most popular and gorgeous styles for a wedding this year. These new gowns are so wonderful, and every bride will look like a princess in these […]

Latest Lace Short Gown Styles (2017/2018)

It is difficult to imagine a girl or a woman that won’t look fabulous in a lace skirt and blouse or some latest lace gown. And it’s no longer a secret that Nigerian women wear some of the most elegant short gowns (which can be described as some of the world’s best) – and they […]

Nnamdi Azikiwe University: Courses, Admission, School Fees & Student Portal

Named after Nigeria’s first indigenous Governor-general, late Nnamdi Azikiwe in the year 1992, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka is one of Nigeria’s foremost public universities. It is located in Awka, Anambra state, South-eastern Nigeria. It is accredited by and affiliated with the National Universities’ Commission, NUC. Before its rechristening, it was formerly known as Anambra State […]

Nigerian Aso Ebi Styles 2018

“Now the ceremony is dated, and the Aso Ebi has been bought/distributed to all the family members. Which style should I sew mine with? This is 2016. Which style is trending? I must go for a very nice one. Where do I get a catalogue of beautiful styles?” These are always the headache of average […]

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