Courses Offered in Covenant University (Full List)

courses offered in covenant university

Covenant University is one of the topmost and most sought-after private universities in Nigeria today. Situated in Ogun state, CU, as it is fondly called, is gradually claiming a space of its own. The varsity is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with as it concerns tertiary institutions in Africa’s most populous country. Covenant […]

University Ranking in Africa: Top 100 Universities in Africa

100 best universities in africa

Despite being regarded by the West as underdeveloped, Africa is home to several top universities. These universities go head to head with other educational institutions around the world. The continent also boasts of universities that were established earlier than 100 B.C. which are still functioning today. There are many top universities in Nigeria, and pursuing […]

10+ Best Universities in Nigeria for Law

best universities in nigeria for law

Apart from medicine and engineering, law is another most sought-after university course in Nigeria. There are many reasons for this but prominent amongst them is the fact that Law is a professional course. After obtaining your Bachelor from the university, you’ll proceed to the Nigerian law school and thereafter write the Nigerian bar examination. After […]

10 Best Federal Universities in Nigeria

best universities in nigeria for pharmacy

It is no news that sound education is the bed rock of any stable society. Any society that seeks to progress must take formal education seriously, especially a developing country like Nigeria. That’s probably why varsities spring up around the nation at an exponential rate, making it hard for fresh school leavers to identify and […]

Special Schools in Nigeria: The Full List

special schools in nigeria

Some children have special needs due to their individual differences and they need to learn in an environment that provides facilities adapted to meet these needs. In this case, the teaching procedure, the equipment and materials used have to be designed to help their education and training. This isn’t the same with the typical classroom […]

Nursing Schools in Nigeria: Requirements for Admission

nursing schools in Nigeria recruitment

Do you want to become a registered nurse and you’re not sure where to start from? First, it is important you know that becoming a nurse is quite a rewarding and fulfilling career path. A registered nursing professional will find satisfactory career positions in clinical, research, education and management roles. These positions include settings such […]

Pilot (Aviation) Schools in Nigeria: The Top 5

pilot aviation schools in nigeria

You’ve always dreamed of flying around the world as a child. Right now, you’re starting to take your childhood dream more seriously and you want to enroll in an aviation school, but you don’t know which one. Well, we seem to have made it easy for you, below is a list of the top 5 […]

Music Schools in Nigeria: The Top 5

music schools in nigeria

It is easy to enjoy music; however creating it may not be much fun if you find yourself in the wrong music school. In learning music, it is important that you communicate your musical ideas with clarity and having the right tutor can’t be underestimated in getting you to produce clear and compelling music. There […]

British Schools in Nigeria: The Top 10

Enrolling your child or ward in certain schools is sometimes influenced by their curriculum. For instance, you may want your child to attend a school that has a predominantly British styled education system. In Nigeria, there are several schools that prepare students in this way; however there are a few ways in which you can […]

The First & Oldest Primary School in Nigeria

first oldest primary school in nigeria

One of the most effective tools of colonization in Africa was education. In Nigeria, the vast majority of the populace at the time of the British rule were pagans and one of the ways the British were able to influence the system of thinking of this populace was by training their children in schools. The […]

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