How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost in Nigeria?

A modern necessity of household is a well-functioning washing machine. It eases the washing of clothes for wives, maids and house girls. Buying a washing machine now in Nigeria could be a little bit tedious due to the present economic situation. With that, we need to know how much a washing machine cost at the present moment

The price of washing machine varies with the maker and its capacity. But on the average, most washing that are still durable machine fall between 150-200 dollars (60,000-80,000). We have cheaper ones, but  their durability cannot be trusted and there are highly sophisticated ones that could cost more than that.

There is never a regret in buying a good washing machine. The benefit it serves could be far more than the cost. If you do not have one, it’s high time you buy.

Question: How Much Does a Washing Machine Cost in Nigeria?

Answer: Check article above

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