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How Much does Wedding Gown Cost in Nigeria?

In preparation for your long time yearned wedding ceremony, you have to know the estimate and cost of all you need for the wedding. From what most couples give utmost importance to is their wedding dress. Especially the bride’s wedding gown How much does a Nigerian Wedding Gown cost? It depends on what you really […]

Latest Agbada Styles for Nigerian Men (New Designs)

The present day Nigerian fashion has actually upgraded from the usual boring big clothes. Now we have different styles and fabulous Agbada designs for Nigerian men. We hereby provide you fantastic latest designs of different Agbada styles. They are of different colours and from different fabrics. So, your problem of finding a catalogue of Agbada […]

Ankara Kaftan Styles for Nigerian Ladies

Here are fabulous and amazing picture of Kaftan Ankara styles for fashioned inclined ladies. As you always have it from us, we present styles that would suit everybody posture. Whether you are fat, slim, tall or short, you’ll definitely find styles that would be perfect for you. Ankara fabric is just too fantastic as it […]

Nigerian French Lace Styles

Here, we come with new Nigerian styles and designs of French lace for ladies who really care about being trendy. These styles are carefully selected to meet different tastes of different people of varying body posture. Whether slim or fat, tall or short, you’ll definitely find a suiting style of yours French lace has its […]

Pictures of Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes

70+ beautiful and unique pictures of Nigerian traditional cakes are here for you to choose from, either for your wedding or other ceremonies. But the focus is more on wedding cakes. Some of these cakes are shaped in form of beads, house, cascaded segment, clothes etc. Nigerian couples always want a wedding that would remain […]

Aso Ebi Ankara Styles (Latest)

Aso Ebi, meaning family wears, are clothes chosen by members of a particular family to be worn for a special occasion. They could all either sew the same style or different styles, but often they sew different styles with that same fabric. Mostly, Ankara is chosen especially in the south western part of the country. […]

Nigerian Aso Ebi Styles 2017

“Now the ceremony is dated, and the Aso Ebi has been bought/distributed to all the family members. Which style should I sew mine with? This is 2016. Which style is trending? I must go for a very nice one. Where do I get a catalogue of beautiful styles?” These are always the headache of average […]

Ankara Styles for Ladies (Nigerian)

It is very strange to see Nigerian ladies getting so much worried about the kind of style they could sew their Ankara fabric with, as various options are just available for them. Whichever type of posture you’ve gotten, whether you are fat, slim, tall, or short, a well sewn Ankara fabric will definitely look good […]

Pictures of Nigerian Native Attires: Gowns and Wears

To get a good tailor for your Native attire is no more a problem, but the problem after getting a nice fabric is to get a picture of your desired style. For any kind of attire you’ve opted for, or any kind of style you’re thinking of, be it simple gown or other styles for ladies […]

Latest Ankara Fashion Style 2017: Gowns, Dresses and Tops

Amazing is the world of Ankara fashion with the rate at which new styles are coming in vogue. In 2016 only, countless number of styles which never existed had emerged with latest world class fashion touch. This makes Ankara style to be the choice of most Nigerian celebrities and fashion designers never relented too in […]

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