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Polytechnic Ranking in Nigeria: Top 10 Polytechnics (2017)

polytechnic ranking in nigeria

Nigeria has a teeming population dominated by vibrant youths. Education is a priority in the country and most young adults have experienced tertiary education. After universities, polytechnics are the most sought after educational institutions in Nigeria. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) receives millions of applications each year for admission into these polytechnics. There […]

Unity Schools in Nigeria: The Full List

unity schools in nigeria

Unity is an important attribute of any successful nation. This was why the Federal Government of Nigeria established the unity schools as a means of fostering national unity through the interactions of pupils from different parts of the country. The unity schools are otherwise known as the Federal Government Colleges (FGC). Admission into unity schools […]

Best Universities in Nigeria for Pharmacy

best universities in nigeria for pharmacy

Pharmacy is that interesting field of study that combines chemistry and medicine to birth something beautiful and amazing. It is very wide and many have made a career out of it. In Nigeria, Pharmacy is treated as a professional course and after graduation many students go on to become their own bosses. Many specialists and […]

Bible Schools in Nigeria: The Full List

bible schools in nigeria

As a minister of God that needs to be better equipped for ministry or a Christian with a deep hunger for God’s word and work, enrolling in a bible school can really help you along this path. There are many good bible schools in Nigeria, some of these are independent schools while many are affiliated […]

Best Universities in Nigeria for Engineering

best universities in nigeria for engineering

Engineering is an age-long profession. There have been engineers in the world for centuries. Engineering is the reason the world is what it is now. Without engineering, science wouldn’t have made such a huge leap and many of humanity’s problems wouldn’t be this solved. Engineering is a very sought-after professional profession, especially in Nigeria. Most […]

Best Colleges of Education in Nigeria (2017)

best colleges of education in nigeria

Nigeria boasts of a number of educational institutes. Among these are colleges of educations. These colleges of education are established specifically to train teachers of primary and secondary school students. Most of them began to spring up around the time the country gained independence in 1960. At that time education was deemed very important and […]

10 Largest Universities in Nigeria (2017)

best universities in nigeria for pharmacy

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country is dominated by young and agile beings. These individuals place a high importance on education, for the most part because of society. Most Nigerians believe one has to have a good education to be rich, successful and eventually make it in life. As a result of this belief, millions of […]

Accredited Distance Learning Universities in Nigeria

accredited distance learning universities in nigeria

Nigerians love formal education, this is a fact. The number of secondary school graduates who are seeking admission into tertiary educational institutions all over the nation exceed 10 million per year. As a result, universities- which are the first choice of these students- always get more application than they can handle. This is what led […]

10 Best Universities in Nigeria for Medicine

best universities in nigeria for medicine

Nigeria, regarded as the giant of Africa, is home to a lot of brilliant physicians, surgeons, and other medical personnel. Nigerians excel in the medical field and a lot of them are found in this area all around the globe. Apart from this, medical practice and advancement in Nigeria is progressing and leads its West […]

Courses Offered in Covenant University (Full List)

courses offered in covenant university

Covenant University is one of the topmost and most sought-after private universities in Nigeria today. Situated in Ogun state, CU, as it is fondly called, is gradually claiming a space of its own. The varsity is gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with as it concerns tertiary institutions in Africa’s most populous country. Covenant […]

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