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Reasons For Privatization In Nigeria

reasons for privatization in nigeria

Privatization involves the transfer of ownership from the public sector to the private sector. Realistically, privatization takes many forms and the term is sometimes used broadly, to describe any policy changes that enlarges the scope for private enterprises to compete with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) or even ones that might cause SOEs to behave more like […]

100 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria

ways to make money in nigeria

People say making money in Nigeria is hard. But really, this isn’t the case. There are scores of way to make money in this country. And in this article, we’ve highlighted 100 ways of generating a steady stream of income no matter where you are in the country. 100 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria […]

Best Nigerian Online Fashion Stores: The Top 10

online fashion stores in nigeria

Women like to look good every day and every time — it’s in their DNA.  What to wear, what combination to piece with it, where to buy your preferred clothes, where to get makeup and its accompanying accessories are top priorities for when it comes to looking good.  It is said that the way you […]

10 Best Property Websites in Nigeria

best property websites in nigeria

Everyone wants to rent or buy a house, or lease a land or space; whatever the need might be, the importance of the real estate sector in Nigeria cannot be underestimated. There are times in our lives when we have to consider carefully about choosing the next place to live. Long gone were those days […]

10 Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

cheapest online shopping sites in nigeria

Gone were those days when the means of buying online for Nigerians was limited to eBay and Amazon, Shopify and a couple of online sales platform. Even after scaling through this hurdle, Nigerians had to wait for shipment which could take weeks or months, or use UK or US shipping addresses. Fast forward to 2012, […]

Best Selling Products in Nigeria: The Full List

best selling products in nigeria

Nothing beats being your own boss. The idea is very appealing to people- you set your own schedule and can work from home, or from a physical location depending on your choice. With the recession biting hard on a lot of Nigerians, lots of thousands have become jobless, and even those working are receiving pay […]

How to Start Aso Ebi Business in Nigeria

aso ebi business in nigeria

Hardly would you find any Nigerian who doesn’t like to celebrate every single achievement. When you think of planning a party in Nigeria, the first thing that comes to mind is Aso ebi. Aso ebi allows Nigerians to flaunt the Nigerian culture in gorgeous styles and radiant colors. What is Aso ebi? Aso ebi literally […]

20 Home Business Ideas in Nigeria

home business ideas in nigeria

If you’re a stay-at-home mom in Nigeria or you’re currently home due to some other reasons, you might have been thinking of ways to earn some cash without having to leave your home. Well, there are scores of home-made ideas with which you can build a business around and we’ve highlighted 20 of these. 20 […]

Business Schools in Nigeria: The Top 5

business schools in nigeria

Do you want to alter your career path and focus more on the business side of things? Or are you involved in starting a business? Well, there’s no doubt enrolling in a business may have crossed your mind a couple of times but you are yet to decide which business school to choose. There are […]

Cocoa Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

cocoa farming in nigeria

The potentials of cocoa farming in Nigeria should never be underestimated. Before the oil boom, cocoa was one of the country’s main source of foreign exchange.  It was exported to other West African countries and other parts of the world. Following the arrival of oil cocoa farming in Nigeria dwindled as people, and the government, […]

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